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Autumn Term

Events in History Homework

Thank you for all of your homework so far this half term.  Pupils have created some fantastic pieces of artwork, created timelines of their lives and written recounts about famous events in history.  It looks fantastic on display in the classroom.

Come and See (en Français)

Today we had a fantastic 'Come and See' morning.  Year 2 started to learn some French.  We practised saying 'Bonjour', 'Au revoir' and 'Merci' throughout the morning and then practised saying different colours in French.  Pupils tried very hard to listen to Mrs Gill and pronounce the words accurately.  We played a matching game on our tables and then started to sing the colours of the rainbow in French. 

After break we visited the Bibliobus to meet Natalie.  She read two stories to us in French about colours and we had puppets and cuddly toys to hold up during the story.  It was great fun!  Back in the class we  played a game of Bingo with French colours.  Thank you to everyone who came in to see our French morning! 

Getting ready for our Class Assembly

Year 2 have been getting ready for their class assembly this week.  We have been practising lines, acting and creating props for next Thursday.  Watch this space...

The Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead

We have been very busy today. We got on the bus and visited the Discovery Museum in Newcastle.  In the morning we walked around the different areas of the museum and after lunch we had a fantastic workshop.  In the workshop we recalled the events of the Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead.  We did our best to impress by remembering all of the events that happened that night.  We worked in small groups to investigate objects that would have existed at that time.  Some of us even got dressed up!  We drew some of the objects and thought about what they would have been used for.  We ended the day with a puppet show of the events. What a fantastic day!

Musical Elements

This week in music Year 2 have looked at different musical elements. Pupils listened to music to feel the beat by tapping their toes or nodding their head.  They used percussion instruments to create their own rhythms for the rest of the class to copy.  Pupils were introduced to the word 'pitch' and ordered a set of chime bars from high to low.  We also thought about the dynamics of different pieces of music.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Firework Pictures

We have made a great start to the new half term.  Our new topic is Famous Events in History and we have started by looking at the events of the Gunpowder Plot.  The class loved creating firework poetry in the class and some children have decided to create a firework poem at home. 


We have also made some beautiful firework pictures using chalks. 


What a fantastic half term we have had learning about Kenya.  The children have enjoyed researching the country and have enjoyed bringing in some fantastic pieces of homework.  Thank you for all of the support you are giving your child at home.  Next half term we will be learning about some famous events in history so watch this space...

All about Kenya

We now know so much about Kenya.  We have created posters to show all of the facts. 



The Maasai Jumping Dance

We have been learning about the Maasai tribe who live in Kenya.  The Maasai men perform the jumping dance to prove their strength.  We had a go outside but it wasn't easy!    

Come and See

We had a lovely morning today for 'Come and See'.  We loved writing our riddles about animals you would find on a safari in Kenya.  In Maths we used rulers to measure the lengths of different objects around the classroom.  We also used the IPADs to work on our RM maths app.  Thank you to everyone who joined us for our learning in Year 2.       

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Kenyan Necklaces


Year 2 children have been looking at different kinds of Kenyan jewellery and have created their very own Kenyan necklaces.

Homework about Kenya


What a fantastic start to our topic about Kenya. The children have brought in lots of different pieces of homework already and we're only two weeks into the year. Thank you for all the support you are giving at home. I have started to make a lovely display in the classroom with the beautiful artwork, research and writing that the class have been creating.

P.E. with Mrs Marshall


Year 2 had a great morning with Mrs Marshall. We practised lots of different skills including running and balancing. Mrs Marshall was very impressed with all of the things we had remembered from Year 1.

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Year 2 have had a lovely first week and have settled well into their new class.  Mrs Gill is looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!  Our topic this half term is 'We're going on a safari' where we will be learning about the country of Kenya.  We will be looking at what the country is like and what kind of animals we might encounter on a safari.  Watch this space ...