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Autumn Term

Investigating Perimeter and Area


Over the last week, we have been exploring perimeter and area in Maths. First, we made area robots and found their surface area.

We have also been practising how to calculate perimeter - we came in to our classroom and their were shapes taped to the floor! Using our feet to measure, we knew we needed to add all measurements to find the correct answer.
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Star Writers


We have been writing about a film we have watched on Literacy Shed about a lighthouse and have written the story, in our own words, in sections - the opening, climax and resolution. There is a huge focus on adventurous vocabulary in Year 5, Paige and Tammy have definitely risen to the challenge! Here are their opening paragraphs:




Joyously coming to completion of my entry, cheering raved through my open window. Suddenly, I stood up and sealed it and hopefully, I had gotten rid of the abysmal sound. The dazzling moon took charge of the sapphire sky and figures danced along the street. Blustery waves were crashing against the rocky cliffs as the lights beamed around and around and it struck the tiled rooftops of the village below.




My entry was almost finished. Cheering boomed through the open window as I completed my final word. I could hardly keep myself in from all the noise so I slammed the glass window shut. Finally, peace had come. The moon illuminated the sapphire sky as the silhouettes moved in the light. Wailing waves crashed against the crooked cliff. Light rotated around the village (to protect the boats from danger) over the mis-matched rooftops.

We're Going on an Angle Hunt...


This week, in maths, Year 5 have been investigating angles. We looked around school to find angles in a real life setting and found lots of examples! We collated our information and collaboratively organised what we had found. Below is a fantastic example of what some Year 5 pupils could see.

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Prospective Footballers


In our P.E lessons this half term, we are focussing on football. So far, Year 5 have been perfecting their passing, shooting and dribbling skills! Here are some photos to show how well we are getting on...

Being Us in Our School


This week in PSHE, Year 5 have been thinking about how school makes them feel and why they enjoy it. They came up with an abundance of adjectives through a class discussion and made this 'graffiti' wall in class!

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