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Autumn Term


Find out what Year 3 are up to Autumn A!

Making Pizzas


We had a brilliant morning with friendly staff from Pizza Express at the Metrocentre learning how to make pizzas. The pizzaiolo (pizza chef) taught us how to make a famous Italian classic: the Marguerita. After washing our hands and donning aprons, we kneaded dough until it was lovely and smooth to create the perfect base. We discovered how important fresh ingredients are to the pizza's flavour, then topped our pizza bases with passata, mozzarella and oregano. Whilst we were waiting for them to cook, we tasted and learned many facts about different ingredients, eg olives, tomatoes, basil and onions.  The cooked pizzas were then put inside boxes for us to take away.  Thank you Pizza Express!

Robin Hood


As part of our Myths and Legends topic, we have been learning about the legend of the heroic outlaw, Robin Hood.  We followed instructions to make feathered hats and then wrote our own instructions to explain to others how to make a hat like ours.  Do please take a look at our photos!