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We have read the story of 'Handa's Surprise'and talked about the setting for the book. The children loved the different animals in the story and they were keen to learn more about them.

We studied information books to gain more knowledge about elephants and giraffes. We now know lotsĀ of interesting facts about these animals. Ask the children to tell you what they have learned.
You may be surprised how much they can remember!

The class really enjoyed painting pictures of the animals from the story. Some of their art work is shown below.

Following on from this work the children wanted to find out about polar bears. The weather recently has turned their interest towards animals from colder places! After studying the different features of non fiction texts, the children have created their own mini booklets on polar bears using their knowledge from our lessons. They have included contents, headings, pictures and an index in their booklet. We will soon be displaying them in our classroom for all to see.