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Pupil Premium 2015-2016

2015-2016 allocation was £101,200


The following shows how we are allocating the money from the Pupil Premium Grant throughout this academic year:


  • Small group support for basic skills provided by class teachers one afternoon per week for each class
  • Purchasing additional cover for classes to release class teachers to provide targeted support each week
  • Continuing to employ support staff for additional hours to enable targeted interventions to take place across the school
  • Direct pastoral support for families and individual pupils through continuing to employ our Family Support Officer
  • Continuing to employ Kalmer counselling to provide individualised support and small group work
  • Continuing to subsidise Breakfast Club
  • Continuing to employ teaching assistants for increased hours to offer specific support where needed
  • Literature Works programme
  • Providing additional release for the SENCO to support pupils and families across the school
  • Employment of two additional teaching assistants to provide targeted support mainly in KS1 and across the school where required
  • Working in partnership with Hen Power
  • Providing financial support where needed to ensure that all pupils have the same access to visits and residential trips, school equipment and uniforms as required