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Teddy Bear Travels

This half term we have been studying different places in the United Kingdom with help from our friend Barnaby Bear. We know that Barnaby lives in Chester and that London is the capital city of England. We can locate these places, along with our home Newcastle, on a map with a little help.

We have looked at photographs of Chester that Barnaby put in his scrap book and we have watched a short video of Barnaby with his friend Becky in his home town. We really enjoyed learning about places of interest in Chester. We know that the shops are often called The Rows and that Chester has very old walls all around the city.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about London, it was their favourite place so far! We found out some fantastic facts about Big Ben.
Do you know any facts about Big Ben? Our class would love to share what they know with you!

We will also be finding out about Blackpool and Liverpool in the coming weeks.

The children will soon be coming home with a diary and a teddy bear which they can use to write about the super things they do together. We absolutely love to see photographs of the children and the teddy on their travels whether it be going to football training together, eating out for tea, playing at a friends house or walking the dog.