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To infinity... and beyond

The whole school thoroughly enjoyed our super learning day this half term. Take a look at some of our photographs and the activities we were involved in.

We had the opportunity to creep inside a dark space dome to look at constellations of stars. We identified and followed the Great Bear in the sky with help and guidance from Mr. Lunn.
We were thrilled to receive a special delivery too- we got a letter from Buzz Lightyear! He has been into outer space and visited Neptune's moon, Triton. Buzz caught a glimpse of unexplained moving creatures while visiting Triton. He thought that they were aliens! Buzz asked Year 1 to create models of these aliens for scientific research. We completed our project and really enjoyed the task. Some of our photographs are here for you to see.

We also followed a set of instructions to make moon rock biscuits which were delicious! We used junk marterials to create space rockets for Buzz to travel in and we used Duplo and Lego to make models of space stations.

We really appreciated the help and support that we had from some of our wonderful parents. You were super stars! Thank you!

The day was fun-packed and a great time was had by all.

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