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22nd June - A Link to the Sporting World

Hello Everyone,


I hope you are all well and working hard.  It is national sports week, we would of been having our sports day if we were at school, so we decided to base our learning around sports this week.  I hope you have fun completing the activities, why not do all of your written work in the mornings then spend the afternoons getting fit?  That's my plan!  


I've been working hard on my fitness lately, it helps me sleep and keeps my mind busy (it helps me feel better when I am missing all of your lovely faces).  My exercise of choice at the moment is 'FitDance' it's an online class, I love it, especially the salsa part, according to Iris and Freddie I am incredibly 'cringey'!  How cheeky eh? I think I'm quite good wink.  Can you let me know what you've been doing to stay fit by posting it on our class blog?


Happy Learning, and make sure you're near the phone on Wednesday morning, I get to talk to you again! Yippee!


Mrs Reid