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Autumn Term

Do all fairy stories end happily ever after? 

Why is the sound of music enjoyed by so many? 

Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them?

Just some of the exciting questions Y4 will be hoping to answer this term! 

Year 4 Trumpet Concert 2017

Mr Rudkin, from Newcastle Music Service, has been teaching Year 4 children how to play the pocket trumpet. Weekly lessons this term culminated in a performance in front of the whole school, as well as many parents, when they proudly showed off all the progress they had made during a short concert.

Bibliobook Bus Visit

Petite taupe ouvre-moi ta porte!

Thanks to Cayden winning the 'Design a puppet' competition last year, the whole school received his prize of a visit from Nathalie Paris and her Bibliobook Bus!

She read the story "Petite taupe ouvre-moi ta porte!" (Little mole open your door for me!) in whole school assembly while Y4 acted the story with some of her 100 puppets.   BIG THANK YOU, Nathalie!

Wow...we have some future musicians!


I was privileged to be part of Year 4's trumpet session with Mr Rudkin yesterday. I was blown away with how much the children knew about their instruments and knowledge of sheet music. When I was 10 years old I started to play the clarinet and I regret the day I gave it up. The pupils in Year 4 demonstrated outstanding knowledge of the musical terminology, symbols and layout of sheet music. I don't remember being this confident myself as a primary school pupil. I can't wait to hear their final performance...keep it up Year 4, you are musical stars!


Mr Pickup

Trumpet lessons with Mr Rudkin of Newcastle Music Service

Practising for Trumpet Gig for Y4 parents and carers Tuesday 5th December, Old Hall at 9.15.

Celebrating Diwali

Mystery at the Market - An Arbeia Adventure

Arbeia Roman Fort & Museum Visit



We had a wonderful time exploring the lives of ancient Romans during our recent visit to Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum.  Various artefacts and displays in the fort and museum painted a vivid picture of this part of history. Mrs Dooley led us on a tour of the barracks and excavations and we also met the centurion Rufus Aelius Victor, who provided us with Roman soldiers' uniforms and weapons before leading us into battle as new recruits!

Roman Invasion - Veni!  Vidi!  Vici!

Y4 visit Arbeia Roman Fort, South Shields and meet Rufus Victor Aelius.  What will they discover?

Democracy in action - electing our school council class representatives