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Autumn Term

Term 1b Week 7 and 8

We have had a really busy last two weeks of term with our Christmas performance 'Away in a Manger', our Christmas party, the service in the church, finishing our phonics and maths assessments and investigating all the ice that has formed during the really cold spell.

Term 1B Week 6

This week we went to Hall Hill Farm for their Christmas Experience, we got to; see lots of animals including a baby lama, a calf and some piglets, feed sheep, goats and cows, hold guinea pigs, rabbits and chicks, we even met Santa!  It was a very cold but amazing day.

Term 1B Week 4


This week we have been making up our own stories based on the framework of the Three Little Pigs, changing the characters and the settings.  In two groups we made collective story maps, one of the "Three Little Worms and the Big Bad Bird".  The worms used grass, soil and apples to make their houses and the Big Bad Bird tried to peck their houses to eat them up. 


The second was of the "Three Little Dogs and the Big Bad Unicorn", the dogs used a dog house, bones and wool to make places to live, the unicorn was very unhappy at the end of the story.

Term 1B Week 3

We had lots of fun making houses for the Three Little Pigs.

Term 1B Week 2

Can you use these pictuers (from the twinkl website) to tell our Three Little Pigs Story?

There are so many shapes that we can see in Reception.

Term 1B Week 1


In our maths lessons we have been thinking about size words, big, bigger, biggest and small, smaller, smallest.  The children spent some time ordering pictures and objects and then talking about their relative size.

Term 1A Week 7


This week we explored the outside environment and the changes that happen during autumn.  We collected lots of resources and made some pictures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

Term 1A Week 6


We have been creating our own stories.


Beau drew and told a fantastic Dear…. Story.


"Dear Shoe Shop

I wrote to the shoe shop to send me some shoes. They sent me some rainbow shoes, they were too melty. I sent them back. So they sent me black sneakers, they were too holey. I sent them back. They sent me some Spiderman shoes, they were too red. I sent them back. They sent me brown shoes, they were perfect I weared them, kept them, put them on!"

Term 1A Week 4

We have been learning to tell the story of Dear Zoo. Here are the two story maps we drew together.

Term 1A Week 3

Well done Reception this week we have won the key stage 1 'Best Attendance' trophy.

Term 1A Week 2

We made carrot cup cakes and then ordered pictures so we could tell other people what to do.

Term 1A Week 1

In our first week we have been working hard exploring and investigating the new environment and resources.