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Christmas Story 2020

Welcome to our whole school celebration of Christmas for 2020. Although we would love to have you all in to join in our annual Christmas festivities, Covid procedures mean we can't for his year. It has been a strange Christmas run up for the children as well. Normally we would have been mixing with other year groups when putting on our fabulous Christmas performances, practising Christmas carols as a whole school and joining each other for parties. That hasn't meant that we didn't want to put on some form of Christmas show for you all. Each year group has taken a part of the traditional Christmas story and an accompanying song. Each day we will upload the next part of the story. 


We start with Year 1 and Mary and the Angel Gabriel...

Nativity Scene 1: Year 1

The Archangel Gabriel Visits Mary

Year 2 will now carry on our Christmas story with the journey to Bethlehem...

Nativity Scene 2: Year 2

The Journey to Bethlehem

Year 3 tell us about the next step of the story, is there any room at the inn?

Nativity Scene 3: Year 3

No Room at the Inn

Reception start the new week off with the story of how Baby Jesus was born

Nativity Scene 4: Reception

Jesus is born

Year 4 begin to tell us about the first of the special visitors in their story about The Shepherds...

Nativity Scene 5: Year 4

The Shepherds

Year 5 continue the story with the Three Wise Men.  

Nativity Scene 6: Year 5

The Wise Men

Nativity Scene 7: Year 6

Merry Christmas everyone.................