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wc 4th May - Climate Change Learning Project

Hello Everyone


I hope you are all well. I am still missing you all so much, I hope you're all staying safe and feeling ok.  I hope you are managing to be active and getting a little fresh air too.  It has been wonderful to hear from so many of you on our class blog, if you haven't already been on please do so, it makes my day to see your lovely faces, and it's a great way for you all to keep in touch with each other.  Remember you are able to comment on each others posts.


Here is your learning project for this week - it is all about the Earth and Environment, I have chosen for year four to focus on climate change. I hope you have fun completing the activities, but remember if you find anything too difficult please don't worry or get upset.  These are just ideas, feel free to tweak them if you like (with your grown ups permission).  If you are able to view powerpoints, please begin your project by looking at this presentation, which is an introduction to the topic.  I have also put links to lots of websites which you can read all about climate change on, they can be found in the Reading Support tab.  You will learn lots of new words, and you never know, we could start a movement - Year 4 Eco-Warriors!!!


I have also put a link to some new maths work, its the Whiterose Home Learning page, there are lessons to follow and worksheets to accompany them.  Please let me know how you find them, they are challenging but if you watch the videos, you should be ok.


I will continue to update the blog, and I will put your five calculations on the Maths Support page each day before 9am.


Take care, sending all my love to you and your families.


Mrs Reid. x