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At Newburn Manor, we believe that literacy and communication are key life skills.  It is our role to enable the children to develop the confidence, skills and knowledge that will enable them to communicate effectively and creatively with the wider world.  We aim to nurture a life-long love of reading and strive to help our children to enjoy and appreciate literature in all of its rich variety.


Wherever possible we use a book based approach to teaching and learning in English.  We call this our 'Books Build Brains' strategy.  Teachers will select quality children's fiction or non-fiction texts to use as the hook into a sequence of work.  We use, when appropriate, strategies developed in the 'Literature Works' programme encouraging pupils to engage with a text before, during and after reading.




Reading schemes:

Pupils read through a set of 'book banded' books (loosely based around ORT scheme) supplemented by a range of other reading material to provide a range, breadth and depth of reading experiences within each level. 


Guided reading:

Teachers and teaching assistants work with small groups of pupils  to teach specific and targeted reading skills in a book which is sufficiently challenging.


Reading across the curriculum:

Pupils read a range of book (including electronic versions) linked to other areas of their learning.


Story Time

In Key Stage One, books are read to pupils for them to hear good examples of reading aloud and to develop an enthusiasm for reading books themselves.


Class novels:

In Key Stage Two class teachers read aloud longer novels to develop our pupils appreciation of our rich and varied literacy heritage.



Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2