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History at Newburn Manor


Our history topics are build around the principle of greater learner involvement in their work.  Each unit of work requires deep thinking and encourages the children to begin their work using a question as the starting point.


Each year group has a set of essential knowledge and key skills which will be developed across that years topics and alongside National Curriculum requirements.


In addition, there is an expectation that teachers apply English, mathematics, ICT and DT skills where it is appropriate to do so.  For example A newspaper report on the Battle of Marathon.  A model reconstruction of a Saxon village.


Visits to museums, local landmarks and historic sites as well as visitors into school will support classroom work.   Recent trips have included visits to Beamish, Arbeia Roman Fort, Hadrian's Wall, Grace Darling Museum, Bamburgh Castle, Belsay Hall and Castle and the Hancock Museum.  Our children have also taken part in a number of history workshops: Egyptian and Greek experiences at the Hancock. Viking and Egyptian mummification and the afterlife workshops at Durham University.


At Key Stage 1 pupils will develop their historical knowledge by finding out about changes in toys and telephones and looking at significant events such as the Gunpowder Plot and the great Fire of London.  They will also learn about famous people such as Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela and The Beatles.


At Key Stage 2 pupils will extend their knowledge and understanding of the past by learning about The Stone and Iron Ages, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, The Romans, Anglo Saxons, Mayans, The Vikings, The Second World War and an additional unit looking at the Victorians (making links with our own school building).