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Learning Project 11th May

Hello Year Four,


I hope you are all safe and well.  Can you believe we are about to begin another week of home learning? I know I've said this before but you are part of an extraordinary period of history. We will get through this difficult time together and learn so much from it about what is important in life - our family, our health and our freedom.  And just think, in the future people will ask you what you did during the virus outbreak - you will be considered virus veterans!  Crazy! 


Have you had time to check out our blog yet?  I know lots of you have posted work but I'd love to see more of you use it - you can access it here: blog.  Our learning topic this week is all about Food - here and around the world.  I have designed some of the tasks to be around Fairtrade, and you can look at this Powerpoint as a useful introduction to the topic.  Remember when we learnt about Tashi the little Indian tea picker?  Well her working conditions were awful weren't they?  Fairtrade aims to overcome this and ensure that people all around the globe are treat fairly in trade.


As usual, if you find it too tricky please don't worry, you can adapt the tasks to suit you (with your grown ups help).  Mr Pickup has kindly arranged for all us teachers to call our lovely students this week for a quick catch up, I cannot wait to hear your lovely little voices, you can use this time to ask me any questions about the work too.


Please try to have fun as you learn, and remember to get plenty of exercise and fresh air if you can too, it really helps keep our minds and bodies healthy.   


Take care


Mrs Reid