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Learning Project 18th May




Hello Year Four (children and grown ups)


This week, the focus is on Mindfulness and Kindness.  I really enjoy practicing mindfulness as it enables me to cope with stress and find calmness in a crazy world, and I hope that you find some of these activities that I have suggested for you calming and relaxing as well as fun. I have spoken to all the children in class about mindfulness, especially after a difficult play time where there has been an argument or fall out, we talk about taking deep breaths and using our breath as an anchor in a storm.  We have also watched short videos,  the GoNoodle clip about pulling an imaginary balloon down from the sky always went down well with you all.


For the grown ups, if you are unsure about what mindfulness is, this is a useful article which introduces the practice briefly, Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and schools are using it more and more to help promote the mental health of children.


So, here is your tasks for this week, I hope you feel inspired to produce some lovely work and use it as a time to discover yourself and appreciate what makes you unique and more importantly, what makes you happy.


Stay safe,


Mrs Reid


p.s. I have also created a whole-school fitness activity (grown ups more than welcome to join in).  Please take part and if you can, post your sweaty selfies to our class blog  .

Poem entitled 'Me'

Family Fitness Challenge

Mindfulness Colouring

Five Fun Mindfulness Activities for Kids

The Letter to the Giant to Practice Handwriting