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Learning Project - The Mona Lisa

Hello my favourite little people,


How are you all doing?  I am still missing you all and I think about you all of the time.  I know the world still feels like a crazy place, and you're probably desperate to get back to normal, but remember all things pass, and one day this will be a distant memory.  Try to use this time to relax, connect with your family and take care of yourself.  Although I am desperate to hug my Mam and aunty Tan, I am trying to make the best of this - I am getting fitter, I am eating more healthy as I have time to cook and I am reading books which make me smile.  As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons - make lemonade!    


Our learning project this week is about artists throughout history.  I chose to go all the way back to the 16th century, a time when the Tudors were ruling England.  In Italy, some artists were producing pieces that would go on to be some of the most famous, important pieces of art ever created.  Possibly the most famous is the Mona Lisa, by Da Vinci.  This is the piece I have chosen for us to learn about this week.  Check out the PowerPoint for an introduction to the painting.


I hope you all enjoy the learning this week, it's a chance to get creative and explore some beautiful art.


Don't forget to post your work to our blog, I'd love to hear from you all.


Take Care


Mrs Reid