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Mental Health Support for Children and Young People

Resources to Support Children and Young People’s Mental Health


The Anna Freud Foundation have produced a series of resources to help support our children and young people's mental health during these unsettled times. They include video clips and self-care resources.




Feeling concerned or overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic is understandable, especially for those struggling with their mental health or you have a physical illness. It might be that children and young people are anxious about their own health or someone in their family and the impact the virus will have on their life. Young Minds has produced a helpful blog for young people to help support them through the pandemic. 


RISE Mental Health Support


As part of the Government’s mental health and young people trailblazer programme a new website for Newcastle and Gateshead called RISE has been produced.


The RISE team works with young people in schools across Newcastle and Gateshead to help support their emotional and mental wellbeing. School is full of positive and negative experiences. School life can be especially difficult when people experience added pressures, whether school related or in their personal life. All young people from across Newcastle and Gateshead are eligible for help and support from the RISE team.


The website includes a list of links to online resources, including mental health support and advice to support parents, carers and children cope during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Kooth Support; Online Support for Young People


Kooth is a web based confidential support service available to young people in Newcastle. Kooth provides a safe and secure means of accessing mental health and wellbeing support designed specifically for young people.


It offers young people the opportunity to have a text-based conversation with a qualified counsellor. Counsellors are available from 12noon to 10pm on weekdays and 6pm to 10 pm at weekends, every day of the year on a drop-in basis. Young people can access regular booked online counselling sessions as needed. Outside of counselling hours young people can message the Kooth team and get support by the next day.


When students register with Kooth they will have support available to them now and in the future. Support can be gained not only through counselling but articles, forums and discussion boards. All content is age appropriate, clinically approved and fully moderated. To find out more visit where young people can register and others can find out more about the service.


You can also view a short video about the service at:




Whether you want to talk, get advice, or find ways to cope, we’re here for you.

Talk about it

Use the 1-2-1 chats or call for free on 0800 1111 to talk about anything, big or small. Or you can send an email from your Childline account.

Find ways to cope

Use our tools to find new ways to cope with your thoughts and feelings.

Share what’s happening

Use the message boards to share your story or get support from people going through the same thing.