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At Newburn Manor Primary School, music education is very important.  The curriculum offered engages and inspires pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians.  All children have regular opportunities to sing and play instruments. A strong emphasis is placed on performance with all children given regular opportunities to perform to an audience.

Our new Music curriculum incorporates the following key aspects: listening and appraising music, musical activities, creating and exploring and performing.  Pupils will evaluate and give opinions about different styles of music and the different instruments used in different pieces.  Pupils will play games, sing songs and play a variety of instruments.  Pupils will compose and perform music. 

By the end of Key Stage 1, pupils will be able to find the pulse when listening to a piece of music.  They will begin to use the correct musical language to suit the style of music they are learning about.  Pupils will start to recognise different instruments and give their own opinions about different pieces and styles of music. 

By the end of Key Stage 2, pupils will have listened to a wide range of high quality music and will be able to confidently recognise different instruments.  Pupils will be able to find the pulse of a piece of music.  They will explore a great range of musical styles and traditions and will develop an understanding of the history and context of music.  Pupils will use correct musical language and discuss feelings about different pieces of music. 

Curriculum in action...