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Enchanted gardens

Our final day with Mr and Mrs Beaver and we had lots to do!

We began by singing about the summer rose, then danced and planted our roses in the garden.

Then we made our very own enchanted gardens, with flowers and a candle to light.

We made more of our delicious mint tea, pouring it for our friends.  Finally we cut up all sorts of fruit to make a beautiful fruit rangoli - and enjoyed eating it later - before the hens did!


Thank you Mr and Mrs Beaver, and all our helpers.

summer rose

fruit rangoli

enchanted gardens

Den Building with Mr and Mrs Beaver

It was a glorious sunny day today - perfect for building dens at the Beaver Lodge.  Have a look at the photographs to see what we got up to today.....


Firstly we followed the star, and did our special star dance
We waved our flags when we found a good place for a Beaver lodge, to build our dens.  Our flags swooped and billowed in the wind.

Our next important task was to build our dens.  Luckily Helen’s Dad was there to lash together the frames, and Ellie’s Dad hammered in the pegs.  Together we heaved on the ropes to pull the frames into position, then unrolled the covers around the stick frames.  Comfortable blankets on the ground completed our cosy dens.

Finally the little beavers were able to get busy with their tasks.  We made some refreshing mint tea which we ladled into fancy teapots, to pour out cups of mint tea for our friends.  We enjoyed decorating, and eating the gingerbread beaver biscuits too.  Our third job was to help Mrs Beaver with her washing – we scrubbed and squeezed her silk handkerchiefs before pegging them on the washing line to dry – which didn’t take long on such a sunny day!

making mint tea

decorating - and eating - gingerbread beavers

washing Mrs Beaver's silk hankies

Thank you to the parents and grandparents who joined us, we hope you enjoyed yourselves too!

We look forward to Mr and Mrs Beaver’s next visit when we will be making enchanted gardens – we can’t wait!

Thursday 18th June 9.15-10.30 if parents would like to join us.

Mr and Mrs Beaver


Mr and Mrs Beaver visited our school today.  It was the first time we had met them.  They taught us a song about climbing up Wish Tree Mountain, then we all wrote on a label, the name of the person we would like to climb up the mountain with.  Off we danced, to the Wish Tree, where we hung our labels.  Our wishes were wafted away with the silk handkerchief dance.


We joined in lots of activities with Mr and Mrs Beaver: making our very own lemonade from Mrs Beaver's recipe, dredging for jewels, making a fantastic beaver lodge (so great, Justin Beaver wanted to live there!), designing Mr Beaver biscuits, complete with his glasses and special teeth, and mark making with gooey, messy mud!


Lovely to have parents joining us - you are all invited to the next session:


Den Building with Mr and Mrs Beaver on Thursday, 11 June 2015, 9.15 - 10.30 am

Space travel


We are all enjoying our space topic - blasting off in our rocket dressed as astronauts, travelling to the moon and space.  We have collected moon rocks and carried out scientific experiments.  We have also explored darkness with lights and torches in the dark den.


The children have recorded text maps of Neil Armstrong's journey and, as many parents have commented, they retell this very well, remembering Neil Armstrong's famous quote too:


'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.'


Miss Luke has found some space information and games on the NASA Kids Club website, which the following link will take you to if your child is interested:


World Book Day


Our day began with a super storyteller who told us a story about a very unfriendly giant.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears


Our fairy story was one of our favourites, Goldilocks and The Three Bears.  We had fun doing activities linked to this story. We always enjoy reading it because we can use different voices for the bears - we especially like to use Daddy Bear's big growly voice!


In the home corner we had different sized bowls and chairs and some new costumes to play at being in the three bears' cottage.  We made our own porridge - it was too hot at first - just like in the story, but luckily Goldilocks didn't come along and steal ours.  We also wrote parts of the story as different characters, using our sounds to spell words.  Because baby bear's chair was broken we tried to make him a new one with construction kits - quite tricky!


Our parents/carers came to school earlier than usual at hometime so we could read our new books together - our FREE books from Booktime, and those we had bought at school.


We have thought about books a lot today, and have enjoyed so many stories.  Enjoy looking at our photographs of this special day.




Some of the Reception class children brought their bicycles, and cycling helmets, to school to have cycling lessons with Naomi.


Stabilisers and pedals were removed so they could practise balancing and scooting along with their feet.  When they got up speed, and could balance with their feet off the ground while they counted to 5, Naomi fixed the pedals back on and hey presto!


Well done to all who took part, especially to Cassia, Nathan and Ami-Grace who were successfully pedalling around the playground by the end of the session.


Thank you Naomi.

Learning to ride without stabilisers

Vocabulary of Size


We have enjoyed playing with different sized objects and trying to put them in order.  We have learnt lots of different words that can describe sizes too.  We plan to develop this work into measuring with non-standard units, eg how many hands, how many pencils does something measure.  Which is taller/shorter/longer - how can we tell when we measure?

Do you like our beautiful painting in the style of Kandinsky?

We carefully painted lots of circles.

Making Bread


After listening to the story of the Little Red Hen we decided to make bread too.  Unlike the characters in the story, we all wanted to help!  We had to knead the dough for a long time. 

It tasted delicious when we spread butter on a slice to taste it when it was warm and fresh, mmmm!

Autumn Walk in the Orchard


We had a busy time in the Orchard with Gillian, the ranger.  She helped us to learn about changes to trees and plants (and some animals!) as Autumn arrives. 

We found lots of different Autumn leaves to look at, and make rubbings.

What else did we find?


Pumpkins at Hallowe'en


Before the Hallowe'en disco we scooped the flesh and seeds from inside a big orange pumpkin.  Then we carefully carved out a scary face to scare away any monsters.

Look at our scary faces too ...

Scary faces!

Fine Motor Skills


Before we learn to write we need to develop muscles in our arms, hands and fingers.  We have been engaging in lots of play activities to help development of muscles to help fine motor skills.

Scarf writing to practise writing our letters in the air

and lots of other activities we do every day at school

Our rainbow display (hand eye-coordination)



We are enjoying exploring Numicon in the Reception class.


  • We have been problem solving - using tiles to cover the boards with no spaces
  • matched tiles to pictures - sometimes we have to flip them over
  • used pegs to make the tile patterns
  • counted different objects and found the tile with the same value

Apple Crumble


We have begun our year in Reception by making our delicious apple crumble.  We all helped to make it - and eat it too!  It smelt so delicious Mrs Hogarth asked us to write down the recipe for her.


Ask your child to sing the apple crumble song to you (to the tune of Frère Jacques):


Peel the apples, peel the apples

Chop them up, chop them up

Mix up all the crumble, mix up all the crumble

Sprinkle on top, sprinkle on top


Put it in the oven, put it in the oven

Shut the door, shut the door

When it's warm and golden, when it's warm and golden

Eat it up, eat it up!


Our fantastic Apple Crumble recipes

Supporting your child in Reception


The children are settling in well, a credit to you all.  They have renewed old friendships and are making lots of new friends.


At this early stage we appreciate your help in encouraging independence in the children - hanging up their coats, putting coats on and off, getting changed for PE, going to the toilet and washing their hands, bringing their book folder to school each day, etc.  (It is important that all clothes are named, and names checked frequently as they can fade after a few washes.)


We ask the children to write their own names on their work, copying from their name card if necessary, so it is also helpful if you support them in this too, using school letter formation as given out at inital parent interview.


The children love their Jolly Phonics; please practise letters regularly and listen for the sounds in words to develop phonic awareness.  More activities will be provided as the children progress at their own rate.


First reading books are 'discussion books', to encourage the children to tell, predict and recall stories.  As their phonic ability and sight vocabulary develop they will bring home books where they are able to read the text.  Please read/share books with your child regularly and record in home school reading record.  Reading stories at home, borrowing books from the library are valuable experiences too.  The children choose a library book from our school library on Thursdays, to be changed each week.


Number work and topic work will be sent home at times to support ongoing activities in the classroom.


Each term we will send out individual targets for Mathematics, Reading and Writing which reflects what your child is currently focusing on, in these areas, at school.


If you have any queries don't hesitate to come and ask, end of the day is probably the best time to catch us.


Thank you.