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Reception 2021

During these unprecedented times, we wanted to remain in contact with families from the local community who will be joining the Newburn team in September 2021. Under normal circumstances we would have welcomed parents and future pupils into the school for a walk around our amazing building and answer any questions you have. As we can't do this due to covid restrictions, we have put together some information and videos to help you all get a feel for the school. Below you will find a copy of the school brochure,  a virtual tour of the school grounds,  a message from  Miss Morgan introducing the Reception curriculum and also a video of faces your children will be seeing when they come along for their first day on Tuesday 7th September. If you have any questions that aren't answered please don't hesitate to contact us on 0191 2674533 or email us on


Familiar faces for September

Here is a short video of some people you will get to know in the first few weeks of school in September

All about us - our school brochure


Below you will find a copy of the Newburn Manor Primary School brochure. This will give you insight into life at the school and some of the experiences your children will encounter during their learning journey with us.

Virtual tour of the school


We have put together a video story of our school. Please share it together.

Welcome to Newburn Manor Primary School

Our Reception Curriculum


Miss Morgan has put together a 10 minute video on what and how your child will learn during their first year with us at Newburn Manor Primary School. Please watch through and get in touch with us via the school office if you have any further questions.

Miss Morgan - Reception Curriculum

Still image for this video

Frequently asked questions


Does my child just come to school on the first day?


When your child starts with us in September 2021 we will operate a staggered start for the first three weeks. In weeks 1 and 2 your child will be in Group A or B, meaning they will do mornings one week and afternoons the second. In week 3, all pupils will attend together on a reduced school day, 8.55 am to 2 pm. From week 4, they will be in school full time.


We operate this staggered start as it makes it easier for the children to build relationships with the adults and other children. By slowly building towards a full time curriculum and school day, it provides all of our new Reception children time to embed daily routines as well as developing confidence in their new environment. All information about which group your child will be in will be sent out in the summer term.


Will my child be having school lunches?


All Reception children are entitled to free universal meals. During the first 4 weeks, Reception are given longer for their lunch as we understand that eating in a new environment can sometimes be a little daunting. In addition to extra time, the Reception teaching team will also be present at lunchtimes until the children are feeling more confident.


Once the children are settled and confident with lunchtime procedures they will choose their preferred lunch choice at the hatch with Claire (cook in charge) and her friendly team. Each day, the kitchen offers 2 hot meal choices alongside sandwiches and jacket potatoes with the salad bar options available to all pupils. If we are concerned they are not eating enough we will always let you know and then a packed lunch from home is another option. An example of our 3 week menu is available on the school website.


What will my child learn in Reception?


In Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), this is split into prime and specific areas which includes 17 areas of learning. The EYFS is a play based curriculum. Throughout the year the timetable with adapt to suit the needs of the children. The children will experience a mix of child initiated and adult focus opportunities. We will build up to ‘whole class’ teaching once children are settled and are aware of routines and expectations. Each half term we will have our ‘Come and See’ open mornings where family members can join our pupils and work alongside them, sharing in their learning experience. These mornings always prove popular and give an insight into how your child learns in each of the learning areas. Miss Morgan has produced a video that introduces the Reception curriculum above.


What do I do if my child is ill?


If your child is going to be absent let us know by calling our office on 0191 2674533. If we haven’t heard from you, we will call on the first day of absence after registration to enquire why your child is not at school. If your child has sickness and/or diarrhoea they must be clear for 48 hours from their last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting before returning to school.


What happens if my child is ill or seriously hurt in school?


We have a superb team of qualified first aiders who will care for your child. If it is felt that your child needs to be assessed by a health care professional, we will contact you immediately. Serious incidents are rare; however, they can happen. If this does occur and it is deemed that hospital treatment is necessary, an ambulance will be called immediately. Head bumps will be seen by the first aiders and a letter sent should they deem it necessary.


What happens if my child needs medicine at school?


Ideally medicine is administered by the parent/carer at home. Under special circumstances (if required 4 times a day with prescribed information from the GP) staff will administer medicine following the completion of a form, obtainable from the school office.


What happens if my child has difficulties within their learning?


Each child is an individual and they will learn and develop at different rates. They will excel in some areas but find other elements of the curriculum a challenge. We have an experienced team who monitor progress continuously. If, for any reason, we believe your child requires further support, the class teacher working closely with our expert SENCo will discuss this with you. If you are worried or concerned about your child, please contact us and we will be available to discuss these concerns with you. If your child has been referred to any external agencies, for example the Speech and Language team before they come to Newburn Manor, please inform us.


What can I do at home to help my child within their learning before they get to school?


Encourage them to be independent. Independence is so important and children love it when they achieve a skill independently. This could include supporting them to get dressed and undressed by themselves, take off and put on their own shoes, use the toilet independently and recognise their name so they can find their belongings easily. These fundamental skills are so important within your child’s learning.


As well as this, please encourage a love of reading by sharing books, singing nursery rhymes and encouraging children’s communication and vocabulary by exploring new words and what they mean; who doesn’t love having a story read, even as adults? Counting is also a vital skill to allow for progress in number. Whilst out walking, count your steps - recapping the numbers in order. Look at numbers on registration plates or in the aisles at the supermarket. All of these little things have such a huge impact.


What happens at playtimes?


Your child will share their playtimes with our Key Stage 1 pupils. On their yard it will be a mix of pupils from 4 to 7 years old. A team of adults will be on the yard to support your children, including the full time Reception teaching assistant. In their first two weeks, their teacher will set out expectations and procedures for playtimes including what equipment can be played with and what to do if they need the toilet or hurt themselves.


At playtimes, Reception children will have access to play equipment and we have a newly installed climbing frame which will be accessed on a rota basis. Each morning break, Reception will also have a piece of fruit or veg to promote healthy eating.


Will my child go on any trips?


We believe that providing all children with a variety of educational visits enhances the learning experience. In Reception your child will have the opportunity to go on trips away from school, explore the local community and take part in Forest School. All trips are fully risk assessed and always signed off by our Educational Visits Coordinator, Mrs Gill (Deputy Head Teacher). Pupils will experience a wide variety of trips each year. From Year 4 onwards we begin our residential trips. Year 4 have a night away on the Northumberland coast, Year 5 have a week at Kielder Water and Year 6 go on a city break.


Do I need to let you know if someone else is picking my child up?


Yes. We always need to know if someone other than yourselves is picking up your child. Keeping your child safe is always our priority and if we haven’t been informed regarding a change of pick up we will always need your permission before dismissing your child. Please let your class teacher or the office staff know.