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And finally I would like to say thank you and goodbye to Newburn Manor Primary.

I feel privileged to have spent 36 of my 40 year teaching career at this fantastic school where I have seen so many children flourish as they have passed this way.  We are proud of our warm, welcoming environment and the progress our children make, academically and personally.  I have seen many changes since 1977 (most of them for the better!) and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, working with wonderfully supportive colleagues, we are a strong team.  The children at Newburn have a great attitiude, we have worked hard and had fun times, thanks also to parents who have been very supportive over the years.

Thank you too for all the lovely cards and gifts, I will wear my bracelet with pride - I will miss Newburn Manor but will treasure so many memories and look forward to exciting times in retirement.

Thanks again,

Loraine Richardson x


We have been learning about life cycles and have enjoyed watching our caterpillars develop into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies, and our tadpoles into frogs.

Last week we released the butterflies and watched them flutter away, one went straight to a daisy!  Today we released our froglets into the school pond where they swam away happily.

Making Mr Greenhead

We eventually found out what we needed our socks and yoghurt pots for - today we made our very own Mr Greenheads!  We are looking forward to watching his hair grow....

Spaceship role play area


We are enjoying dressing up as astronauts for our space adventures!  We count backwards to blast off into space, pretend to walk on the moon, collect moon rocks for the scientists to investigate, put the American flag on the moon and salute it, leave footprints on the moon before we fly back to earth.

Our space adventures have inspired some super writing!  Come and read them - outside our classroom door.

Mr and Mrs Beaver week 3


Habitats was our theme today when Mr and Mrs Beaver came to visit. 

We learnt a song about a spider and made a beautiful shiny, sparkling web.  After that we made spiders to attach to the web.  Our biscuits this week were spider designs too - we had to remember to give them 8 legs.

It was a showery day today but we had great fun with frog umbrellas!  We played the speckled frog game -  we were very good at take away calculations.  We taught Mr and Mrs Beaver a song about frogs playing on a spider web too.

Mr and Mrs Beaver week 2


We had a very busy week with Mr and Mrs Beaver.  Lots of VIPs joined us as it was our 'Come and See' morning.  Our theme today was Spring and we made some beautiful Spring gardens, with help form our adults - thank you.

As well as the Spring gardens we made more delicious mint tea with Mrs Beaver, and helped Mr Beaver to make a beaver colony.  Our biscuit designs were flowers.  Another busy job was to wash the silk hankies and squeeze all of the water out before we hung them out to dry.

We sang some new songs this week - Wind the robin up and I love the flowers.

Mrs Marshall is always impressed with our skills in PE.  We have been practising ways to throw. 


The 'chest pass' is what we are learning to do at the moment.  We are getting so good that Mrs Marshall is developing our skills with different activities - we have been throwing a ball to each other through a hoop, and round a square as we pass to our friends.  We stand quite near each other as this is a pass for short distances.  Some groups can do 20 throws without dropping the ball!  Great concentration and team work.

Out in Space at the Life Centre


To start our topic about space we went to the Life Centre and enjoyed taking part in activities to help us learn some facts about space.

It was very dark in the planetarium and we found out about planets in our solar system and looked at how stars could be made into pictures.


Look below to find out about some of our fun activities


We  had pictures of planets to look at and sort - by their size, their colour, whether they were rocky or gassy planets - and any criteria we could think of.



As scientists we had to predict which rocket would go the highest then we used special equipment to test our theories.
We designed our own star constellations and made them into pictures.

The return of Mr and Mrs Beaver


Mr and Mrs Beaver have come back to visit Reception! 


Week 1       

We had a great morning singing songs, learning dances and writing our messages for Wish Tree Mountain.  We also did some mark making with 'river mud', decorated biscuits to look like Mr Beaver, made delicious mint tea to toast our friends and designed a huge beaver colony.


Our VIPs enjoyed themselves too (Very Important Parents).  Mr and Mrs Beaver's next visit is Tuesday 16th May - our Come and See morning. We will need lots of help to build dens (Dads, Uncles and Grandads welcome too ...).

Ready for our Easter fashion show...

Keeping Healthy!


We had a very busy, but healthy day today.  Our Jigsaw (PHSE) focus this half term is Healthy Me and we have had lots of fun and interesting activities based around this.  You may have visited our role play area - a healthy breakfast bar.


Today Sandra, our cook, invited us to the dining hall to make a healthy sandwich.  She gave us lots of different fillings to choose from. Some of us tried some new foods we hadn't previously tasted.


First we put low fat spread on our brown bread then we chose our fillings.  The best part was when we got to eat our own sandwiches!


Thank you Sandra for your help.

Introduction to play

After lunch we changed into our PE kits and set off for the Walker dome for an energetic afternoon joining in lots of different activities to practise many skills.  We remembered to take our water bottles to quench our thirst after all our exercise.

While we were active we were thinking about these values in sport - Determination, Passion, Respect, Self-Belief, Honesty and Teamwork.

Thank you to our parent helpers too.


Art Week

We joined the rest of the school for Art week.  We all focussed on Renoir's painting 'Les Parapluies'  (French for umbrellas).  We looked closely at the painting and immediately saw lots of blue shades. 

We decided to think about colours of rainy day skies and made story boards of colour.  We also painted rainy day skies, with a wash of blues and greys.  These were brightened up with prints of umbrellas, which we designed using string.  They looked very effective on the dull background, especially when we experimented by working in pairs to create overlapping prints.

Some children chose to make blue collage umbrellas, or to paint umbrellas and we also mixed shades of blue to paint giant raindrops.

We had fun searching around school for umbrellas  - large and small.

We enjoyed using different media and materials to develop our art skills - watch out for our whole school display....

Rainy day storyboards of colour

Huge raindrops in shades of blue

Preparing string umbrella prints

Painting rainy day backgrounds

Combining backgrounds with prints - wow!

Les Parapluies

All dressed up on World Book Day!


How many story book characters can you spot?

It was great to see so many parents/carers come to school this afternoon, to share a story with their children.  All the children collected their free Book Time book.  It was lovely to see adults reading to children, and children reading to adults!

Look on the Book Trust website for more story ideas.

Chinese New Year Assembly: Reception 2016 - 2017

Video originally shown during our Reception class assembly in March 2017, which showcased the children's work around the theme of Chinese New Year. Music: Melody to Welcome Spring Album: Gongs and Drums to Welcome New Year

Curling Day


We had great fun today when we tried out curling.  As we had no idea what curling was, Mrs Richardson showed us some video clips - we thought it looked quite tricky, the competitors were playing on ice!  How would we play we wondered?

All was revealed when we went into the hall - the curling stones had wheels under them, so no need for ice-skates after all.  Peter did some warm up activities with us then we were ready to go.

First we practised rolling the curling stones backwards and forwards to each other, then we had to aim for our partner's cone - could we gently touch it with our curling stone?

To finish with we had a competition to hit the blue cone.  We had to concentrate very hard and push the curling stone just enough to reach the cone, but not roll past it. 

The blue team won, and Miss Luke beat Mrs Richardson - we need a rematch!

Bear facts


After we read 'We're going on a bearhunt' we have enjoyed retelling the story in many different ways.  We made  puppets of ourselves to take on a bearhunt, sequencing the picture cards from the story.  We have also set up our music table to re tell the story and add sound effects.

Our favourite re telling is along with the author, Michael Rosen - we love to join in with him!

You can access this at home by clicking on the link below.

We wanted to find out more about bears and compiled a long list of questions.  We have looked at information books about bears, and watched some video clips to find out more information. 

We were able to talk about lots of bear facts and wrote some of them down. 

Our writing is  proudly displayed in our classroom, some examles are below - come and see it on Monday open afternoons!!

We have enjoyed visiting our school library again and look forward to choosing books to borrow for a week, to read and share with our grown ups at home.  Miss Luke sits in the special story teller chair to read us stories each week.



Following on from our work on shape, we looked at a piece of work by a Russian artist, KANDINSKY, who used lots of circles, and some squares.

We were inspired by his work and decided to paint our own version of concentric circles. When we joined all our paintings together it looked fantastic. 

The original is our dining hall if you would like to come and see it. A copy is posted below, along with photographs of artists at work.

Concentric circles in the style of Kandinsky, by Reception

Artists at work

Measuring in Reception


Following on from our work where we have been ordering objects by size, we have moved on to measuring objects.  We have had fun this week, finding things to measure, inside and outside.


We are trying to remember when to use the words longer and shorter, also taller and shorter

We have enjoyed finding out about people's jobs in our school.

Last week Mr Leiper, our school caretaker, talked to us about his work and showed us some of the equipment he uses.  He makes sure our school is safe, secure and clean.  He has a lot of keys for all the doors he has to lock and unlock every day.  He has a huge new machine which he likes to use when he cleans the floor in our halls.

Come and read the book we have made all about Mr Leiper.

Mr Leiper at work

This week we went to the school kitchen to meet Paula and Sandra, our cooks, to find out about their work.  Sandra was busy making sticky toffee pudding (Mrs Richardson's favourite!) for the next day.

We watched her add all the ingredients to the huge mixing bowl - she cracked 36 eggs into it!  Luckily she has a big  machine to  stir and mix everything together. 

We saw the potatoes roasting in a big oven (also Mrs Richardson's favourites!) and saw the huge pan the custard would later be boiled in.  When Sandra and Paula are making 175 dinners the equipment has to be very big to contain everything.


Sandra came to show us the baked pudding the next day - delicious. 


We enjoy choosing our own dinners now we are getting very grown up.

Our visit to the school kitchen

Thank you to Mr Leiper, Paula and Sandra for sparing some time from your busy jobs to talk to us.  We found it very interesting!

2017 already!


Happy New Year and welcome back to school.  We hope you had fun during the holiday season.   Don't forget Reception class has an open afternoon every Monday, from 3-3.30pm when your child can show you around their learning environment - just come and go as you please.


Keep up regular reading practise please - books/words/phonics to support your child's progress.  Many have made great progress, even since December.


In Reception we will be continuing our topic about 'Our School', as the children meet different adults and find out about the work they do at school.  They have also been on a tour of the school peeping into places they have not previously seen - even into the Year 6 classroom where the very big children work!


We have had another busy week - we are delighted to have PE consultant, Mrs Carol Marshall, working with our class - she was very impressed with our running skills - it must be all the Golden Mile running we do!


Melanie, our school nurse, reminded us of 5 times when we must always wash our hands, and demonstrated how to wash them properly, just like doctors and nurses do, to prevent germs passing onto our friends or getting into our tummies to make us poorly.

She showed us some magnified pictures of germs, we were so interested in them we decided to paint some germs.  One child commented 'I never realised germs could be so beautiful'!


Mrs Marshall was impressed with our running!

Remember WHEN to wash your hands and HOW to wash your hands!

Christmas at Newburn

We have been having a busy time celebrating Christmas, with lots of fun activities.


Preparing snowmen for our Christmas door

Decorating Christmas trees

Making enterprise items to sell at our fair

Cards and calendars

Performing our Christmas play

retelling the Christmas story

Eating our delicious Christmas lunch

Hot Shots played some great Christmas music

Christmas party time!

Carol Singing at Newburn church

Christmas at Whitehouse Farm!


We had a great day out at Whitehouse Farm today.  Not only did we see, learn about, handle and feed lots of animals, we had a ride on a trailer, acted out the Nativity with a real donkey (- and sang some of our special Christmas songs), walked through a Winter Wonderland to wake up Santa and wrote letters to him too.

Look at the photos to share the wonderful time we had.  Thank you to Ellen and Kaiden's Mums for coming with us, and especially to our Christmas elf, Lewis, who looked after us so well at the farm.

Then Lewis, our elf, took us to meet some animals
After our picnic lunches we went to feed the animals.  Lewis showed us how to hold our hands so the animals could take the food easily.  We could feel the animals' tongues licking us, they were very hungry!
Next we walked through the pretty sparkling Winter Wonderland to meet the Christmas Fairy.  She asked us to write down our Christmas wishes in letters to Santa.  Quietly, we tiptoed into Santa's den and woke him up!  When he asked us to shout out our names he caught them all in his magic book. He gave us some magic hay, to hang on our Christmas trees, which will help Rudolph to fly.

Finally we went to a huge hay shed and acted out a scene from the Nativity story.  Mary rode on a real donkey, led by Joseph. 

We all gathered round to sing some Christmas songs.


What a lovely day!

Come and See - Doubles!


In Big Maths we have been learning our early doubles (double 1, double 2).  However when we listened to the Diwali story of Rama and Sita we were fascinated by the monster who had 20 arms altogether - double 10!  So this week we have been making our own monsters and investigating doubles up to double 5.


We were doing this during our 'Come and See' morning so it was good to show our grown ups what we are learning.

Reception super stars!


We have had a great week in Reception - we won all three trophies in Good Work Assembly today!

Attendance trophy - we have come to school every day because we know it is important

Punctuality trophy - we get to school on time so we don't miss any learning time

Golden mile trophy - we have run most laps this week, we are  keeping fit and healthy

Some people celebrate Diwali


We have been finding out abut the celebration called Diwali.  No one in our class celebrates Diwali at home but we recognised parts of the celebrations, such as fireworks, making sweets, eating nice food, sending cards, celebrating with families etc as things we do in other celebrations.


We made Diwali cards to give to our friends.



We made special sweets called barfi and shared them with our friends.

 We listened to the traditional story of Rama and Sita where good triumphs over evil.


Aydin painted a picture of the evil Ravanna who captured Sita, he had lots of arms and heads.

We had a great time designing rangoli patterns.

These are made from coloured rice and are put at doors to welcome visitors during Diwlai.

Here are some of our rangoli patterns, using pattern blocks or chalks.

Autumn Art


We looked at the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy.  He used natural materials to make patterns and pictures.  We were inspired by his work and used his ideas to make our own patterns with leaves, pebbles and conkers.

We are delighted with the results - each pattern is very different.

We hope you like looking at them too....

Newburn goes bang!

Well done to all those who dressed up for our Super Learning Day - you looked great!

Technology Tom began our day by showing us lots of science to make things move and explode - all about moving the air in different ways.


Jasmine and James made the windmills turn round when they walked quickly across the hall and the air blew them round.  Lola and Izzy made the syringes move when they sucked out the air in the connected tube.

We used this scientific theory of moving air to make our own indoor fireworks which exploded when we squashed a milk carton and all the air whooshed out of the top, sending the rockets up high!


See the video to watch our experiment in action.

Reception Rockets

Still image for this video
Back in the classroom we listened to the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.  We looked at a picture of the Houses of Parliament, which is still standing - 400 years later, and made models and painted pictures of this spiky building.  We saw Big Ben too.
Finally we looked at videos of fireworks zooming across the night sky - we made our own huge night sky picture to show patterns of fireworks in the dark.

Autumn Walk


We chose a sunny autumn day to go for a walk to look at the changes in the trees around our school.  We are very lucky in Newburn to have so many beautiful trees around us.  We found orange, brown, red, green and yellow leaves - but we couldn't see any blue or purple autumn leaves.


We looked at how the leaves were different - their colours, shapes and sizes.  When we looked carefully we discovered that the leaves on a tree are all the same shape, even if they are different sizes or different colours.  We were detectives and looked to find out which tree our leaves had fallen off.  There were so many leaves on the ground they looked like a golden carpet, it was fun to kick and swish the leaves, and toss them in the air.


When we went back to school we learnt how to mix paint to make autumn leaf shades.


So you think you can count?


Well done to Reception and Nursery parents who took part in our Early Years number workshop with Maths Consultant Liz Bailey.  It was a very informative evening and great fun as we learnt about exciting practical ideas to engage young children in counting activities which will deepen their understanding of number whilst they are playing.



We have enjoyed learning the story of The Little Red Hen and especially retelling it ourselves.  We sometimes use puppets of the characters, to take turns with parts of the story.  We have also had fun making our own story maps to help us retell the story.

Who will help me bake some bread?


"We will!"  said the Reception class


Unlike the Little Red Hen, we all wanted to help Miss Luke mix and knead and bake bread - and she let us help eat the bread too!

The Little Red Hen


Use the story map to tell the story of the little red hen - remember to use the actions we have learnt too.

The Little Red Hen

The children from Reception class (2016 - 2017) use a story map and actions to tell the traditional tale of The Little Red Hen.

Healthy Tuckshop


We enjoyed choosing our healthy snacks today at our first 'Healthy Tuckshop'.

Apple Crumble


We used the apples from Mrs Richardson's tree to make a delicious apple crumble.  We had to be very careful when we chopped up the apples to put them into the dish.  The flour and butter had to rubbed together before we could mix in the sugar.  Miss Luke put it in the oven, and when it was warm and golden she took it out.  The best bit was when we could taste it - yum!  Mrs Hogarth could smell it in her office and wanted to know how we made it, so we wrote recipes for her.  They are all displayed in our classroom.



Welcome to our Newburn school community, it is always exciting to meet new children and families and share their learning journey.  The children are settling nicely into Reception and we are getting to know each other.  I look forward to meeting parents at next week's consultations.


Our half-term plans can be found in the curriculum area of this site, topics can sometimes change direction, depending upon the children's interests.