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Roman Wall

In English, we will be researching fascinating facts about Roman life.  We will revise the features of information texts, then decide what makes for a lively presentation and practise our speaking and listening skills.  In groups, we will shape and perform a presentation about an aspect of Roman life which we have researched.

In maths, we have been learning to count to 100 using Roman numerals. 
In design and technology, we will be finding out about Roman mosaics and making our own designs.  We will then make a mosaic product to sell at the Summer Fair.
Tepidarium WARM room and furnace
 Milecastle 42
Where are those Celts?
Guarding the edge of Roman Empire
Cawfields quarry
Vindolanda temple
Roman auxiliaries on duty
Vindolanda turret reconstruction
Wooden turret built pre-stone wall
Where are those Celts?
Vindolanda latrine
Caldarium HOT room with Frigidarium COLD pool