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Spring Term

Easter Parade and Egg Display


Many thanks to everyone who attended either of our Easter Parades at school today.  We hope you'll agree that the children's hats, ties, t-shirts and other creations all looked marvellous and their dance moves looked amazing!  The decorated Easter eggs all looked fantastic displayed in the corridors too.  Thank you for your help in supporting your child in preparing for these Easter events. Have a very happy Easter!

Ouseburn Farm

We had a fantastic morning at Ouseburn Farm today.  When we first arrived, we had to help herd the sheep into their field.  This was great fun!  We also fed the sheep, chickens, cows and pigs on the farm.   After all of the feeding we made our own plant pots using newspaper and planted a seed in compost to take back to school.  We remembered lots of facts about plants when asking and answering questions.  The final part of the morning was great fun because we had the opportunity to hold a rabbit or guinea pig.  A very busy morning full of activities.



Come and See

Thank you to everyone who came in this morning for our 'Come and See' session.  We had a lovely morning making posters all about plants.  Year 2 are becoming 'Plant Experts' and were able to impress Mrs Gill with all of the things they could remember.  The posters will go up on display in the classroom. 

We also had a tricky mathematical challenge to work on this morning where we had to make all of the numbers up to 20 using only 1,2,3 and 4.  It wasn't easy but the class were up for the challenge.




What a great World Book Day we had today!  The children enjoyed getting dressed up as their favourite book characters and shared some of their favourite stories.

Art Week - Pop Art

This week we have had art week.  We started the week with a look at a piece of artwork by Andy Warhol.

The children thought about who the lady in the picture was, how the artwork was made and what they liked about it.  We discussed the colours which had been used too.

Next the class used the IPADs the research Andy Warhol and looked at some other artwork that he had created.  They used this information in their sketch books.  They realised that he got his inspiration from adverts and Hollywood.  The pupils liked the bright colours that he used in his art and spotted that he liked repeating patterns using different colours.


The class then experimented with colours to see which colours worked well together.  We also took photographs of everyone and printed them in black and white so they could add pop art colours in the style of some of Andy Warhol's artwork. 





Next we talked about Pop Art.  We thought about what popular culture was nowadays.  We thought mobile phones were very popular and we talked about how they have progressed since Mrs Gill was young.  Then we started talking about emojis.  Everyone knew what they were and lots of people use them all around the world.  We decided we would create our own emojis for our own piece of artwork. 


We practised drawing some emojis and tried to improve our drawing skills by concentrating on the scale of each part of the emoji. 



Next we started to design our own emojis.  When we had decided on a design, we copied our design out onto a separate piece of paper.



Andy Warhol used silk screen printing to create his artwork.  We weren't able to use this technique so we used Safe Printing instead.  We used our design to indent a piece of polystyrene.  We carved our design onto the polystyrene ready to be used to print our design.  We had to think about the different colours we would want to use.




We then used the polystyrene squares to print our design using rollers and ink.  It was a tricky process using the different inks but the results were fantastic! 


The class also worked in pairs on Pic Collage to create a poster all about Andy Warhol.




Homework Bridges

We have had some excellent model bridges as part of our homework this half term.  They are displayed in the classroom and look great.  Thank you for your on-going support at home with homework.  Year 2 love coming in to school and showing their homework to the rest of the class.

More Building Bridges

This half term we have looked at the different kinds of bridges that exist and looked closely at the bridges crossing the Tyne.  We have already worked in groups to create a bridge using only paper.  This week we used paper and wooden dowels to create a bridge.  They looked fantastic when we were finished and Mrs Gill was impressed with our teamwork. 


Road Safety

Yvonne and Victoria came in to our class today to talk to us about how to stay safe.  We talked about how to stay safe when walking next to a road and making sure our grown ups could always see us.  We talked about the green cross code: Think, Stop, Look and Listen and where we should stand when crossing a road.  We also thought about what to listen out for and watch for when crossing e.g. electric cars.  We looked at pictures of safe places to cross like bridges and zebra crossings.  We also talked about the importance of wearing a seat belt in a car and how to wear it properly.  In the winter people often wear dark colours so we discussed how we can stand out to cars, wearing a light coloured hat or fluorescent bands and jackets.  Here are a few pictures from the session...   

Persuasive Posters about our area

Here are some of the final posters we created using Pic Collage.  They look great!

 Come and See morning

We had a brilliant morning on Thursday making persuasive posters all about our local area.  We made a paper plan before using the IPADs to create a poster on Pic Collage.  The children enjoyed using the app to make their posters and the finished products looked great.  Thank you to everyone who came in to see the learning taking place.

More photos to this space...

Building Bridges


Year 2 had a great afternoon building bridges on Wednesday.  They worked in small groups to create a bridge that would hold the weight of a toy car.  Pupils were allowed to use paper, tape and scissors but no other resources.  They had a lovely time working as a team.  Here are some pictures of the groups working together.

P.E. - Judo with Judo Joe

We had a great session with Judo Joe today where we played lots of games and tried some Judo techniques.  It was lots of fun and we needed to listen very carefully to the instructions.  Here are a few pictures from our session.



Science - Ear Gongs


In science, we investigated sound.  We used metal coat hangers to create ear gongs and listened to the sound they produced.  It was very surprising when we stuck our fingers in our ears!