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Spring Term

Easter Parade


In our last week of half term, we dressed up in our Easter hats, ties and t-shirts and put on a show with the rest of school. We prepared a dance to one of our favourite songs (The Witch Doctor) and performed it brilliantly! Miss Wall was proud of how much effort we put in to learning the song and dance; we got lots of compliments about our performance!



Year 5 would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who voted for us in the Jet2 'Ultimate School Trip' competition - your votes mean that we get to fly off to their Sol Katmandu resort in Majorca for three days and meet Dick and Dom! We get to experience fantastic workshops with celebrities, such as Jordan Banjo and Angelica Bell. Our trip is booked for the 20th April and we will be sure to upload some images once we are back! Thanks again, Year 5.


You can view our winning competition entry below and if you'd like to check out where we are going, visit this link ----->

World Book Day


Even though World Book Day was slightly delayed due the weather last week, we still had an amazing time dressing up and reading this week! Have a browse of the fantastic costumes we wore...can you guess which characters we came as?



Year 5 have two days focussed on getting us ready to ride on the roads! We began by practicing in the school yard but have been out on the local roads, making sure we can navigate them safely.

Ultimate Holiday Entry


Jet 2 visited our school and introduced KS2 to a competition they were holding for schools around the country to win a holiday to one of their resorts in Majorca! Year 5 were really keen to enter this competition and came up with their own ideas for a whole class script and we all helped in the writing process. Here is our entry! We find out if we have been shortlisted by 5pm on the 7th March...wish us luck!

Art Week


After a refreshing half term break, we have been super busy during our 'Pop Art' art week! We've thoroughly enjoyed looking at a variety of artists (Warhol, Blake and Banksy) and using their work as inspiration for our own artwork. Take a look at some of our amazing pieces!

Super Sandwiches


As part of our DT topic, we had Gail, from Warburtons, come to visit us and show us how to make healthy sandwiches! We had lots of fun learning about keeping healthy and making the right choices - we even got to actually make and eat our recipes!

Our Class Assembly


We presented an amazing assembly at the end of half term and showed the whole school and our parents and carers about what we've been learning since the beginning of January - all about the USA! We took on the roles of politicians from four states (Florida, Texas, California and New York) and had a debate about which state was the best. The rest of the school got to vote and Texas won! Here are some photos which capture our presentation - can you spot Donald Trump?

Tasty Treats


We are continuing to create some fantastic pieces of homework and have fun with our USA topic outside of school too! Here are another two amazing examples (from Tammy and Olivia) who have made fruit kebabs and cake - can you guess who the cake is supposed to be?

Amazing Diary Entries


Last week, Year 5 wrote a diary entry about being the first to discover the USA. We thought about being on the boat and a storm brewing before we reached the hopefully undiscovered land. This week however, we knew we could do better so Miss Wall gave us the chance to edit and improve our work and she was blown away with the dramatic improvement! Below are some examples of work which made Miss Wall smile!




Dear diary,


The weather was horrible. The sea was crashing against my trusty boat while the thunder was making a Brazilian drumming tune. Rain fell in pellets like the sky was crying. A dreadful mist covered my boat and it was opaque. The lightning was terrifying and the wind was singing a wonderful tune.




Dear diary,


I was petrified, the sky was moody, dull and miserable. As soon as I stepped on that boat, I knew that today would be the most haunting boat trip we had ever been on. Shivers and chills surrounded my body with the bitter cold wind, it thundered like someone banging on a door. Strikes of lightning appeared out of nowhere, I'm surprised I didn't get hit. Waves crashed against my handy boat. I'm scared, even terrified. I miss home, my family and my friends. I'm homesick!




Dear diary,


Today was chaotic, the lashing waves encroached their way onto the boat. Vicious winds almost swept me up off my feet into the atmosphere. Droplets of hail damaged the edges of my trustworthy boat. As the toxic mist started to vanish, I could see through a microscopic hole in between the cloudy fog. It was turning colder and colder, I could barely feel my fingers. It had started to spread up my arms and down my shivering spine.

Bread Tasting


As part of our 'Party in the USA' topic, we are planning to make our own submarine sandwiches! So far, we have investigated what a sub actually is, how it got the name and what the traditional ingredients are. We have been tasting breads this week, to test out different flavours. We tried submarine rolls, olive loaf, sourdough and honey with sesame seeds. Our class favourite was definitely the submarine rolls and we can't wait to make our final sandwiches!

Judo Joe at Newburn


On Monday Judo Joe gave a demonstration lesson. It was great fun to see everyone having a go.

Party in the USA!


In our first week back after Christmas, we have been exploring our new topic - the United States. Thinking about what we already know, we have started to ask questions about what we want to find out over the Spring term. Miss Wall has lots of exciting things planned for us, like making sub sandwiches, learning about some of the most famous states and some of America's most intriguing attractions! Here are some of the questions we really want to research:


  • What is the history of the American presidents? (Bethan)
  • How many states were there to begin with? (Tammy)
  • Is New York the biggest city in the world? (Jake)
  • Does everyone in America follow the same religion? (Christian)


We've also had some fantastic homework brought in since the beginning of this topic. Miss Wall can't wait to see what else we can do!