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Spring Term

We imagined our lives in 2030 when we will be 20 or 21 years old.  Our aspirations include doctor and dentist, artist, printer, author and illustrator, magician, zoologist and dog trainer, lawyer, extreme cake maker, train porter, driver, rugby player, police officer, mechanic and engineer.  WOW! Can you guess who chose which profession?

Our inventions - proud to be part of the Great Exhibition of the North!

Water, water, everywhere

How could we survive without water? 

Will you ever see the water you drink again? 

Why is the River Tyne so important to Newcastle?

What happens to the food we eat?

Just some of the exciting questions Y4 will be hoping to answer this term! 

Science and Geography - Water, water, everywhere HOMEWORK

We made our 3D Mothers' Day cards by cutting, shaping, joining and finishing a paper basket holding daffodils with paper spring stems - something different but made with lots of love.

Warburtons Healthy Sandwich workshop with Gail accompanied by Claire, British Nutrition Foundation, London

Inspired by Hokusai's waterfalls, Y4 have written haiku in the style of the Japanese poet Basho


a clear waterfall,  into the calming ripples,  fall green pine needles - Basho


A dark waterfall, plummet prickly pine needles, into cool ripples - Abbie

Under the cascade, the rocks are stopping water, flowing to and fro -  Aiden

A bright waterfall, a lovely rainbow appeared, then I was happy - Cameron

In a gentle breeze, two men were washing their horse, there was rain falling - Dalton

Beside the gloomy stream, the rain came down from the sky, then a rainbow came - Daniel

A huge waterfall, a shining rainbow appeared, a soothing  river - Declan

Sparkly waterfall, into the peaceful ripples, falling Autumn leaves - ErinC

Ebony night sky, into a soothing river, waterfall plunging - Harry

Two men washed their horse, the beautiful waterfall, the water dragon - Harvey

Shining waterfall, sparkling in golden sunlight, cool refreshing pool - Isaac

A cool waterfall, into lovely calm ripples, mysterious pool - Jasleen

A cool waterfall, quickly gushes towards me, rushing down the stream - Leah

Lovely waterfall, gushing over stones and rocks, into the dark pool - Lexi

A cool waterfall, gushing over rocks and grass, wonderful rainbow - Lincoln

The blue waterfall, plummeted calmly on rocks, not a single sound - Livinia

The blue waterfall, plummeted calmly, not making a sound - Luke

Beyond the clear stream, into colourful ripples, glorious rainbows - Melody

Beside the river, hearing the water rushing, relaxing and calm - Nieve

A dark waterfall, into a raging cascade, plummet tree branches - Oli

Two men washed their horse, the beautiful waterfall, cleaning and calming - Stephen


Year 4 Garden of Dreams and Goals

Excellent explanations!

Early Bird Maths - addition and subtraction examples

Martin Garix Came to Newburn

Pupils in year 4 have been inspired by Martin Garix to make some music using the LMMS software. (Free to download if you want a go at home.) Here is a selection of the work.






Y4 made clouds using ice and hot water to show water vapour - water in its three states: solid, liquid and gas

Representing water using different art media: colouring pencil, felt pen, oil pastel, watercolour paint and pencils.

States of matter - solid, liquid or gas?


If your child has enjoyed this introduction to badminton, why not join a club to improve even further? Walbottle Nomads Badminton Junior Club meets September to April during term time, every Wednesday 6.30 to 7.30pm in Walbottle Campus Sports Hall coached by Phil Hall cost £2 per session.



Newburn Judo Club Junior Boys and Girls KS2 sessions are held at 5.00 to 6.30 pm Mondays and Thursdays at Newburn Activity Centre.  First session free but £2.60 per session thereafter.

Judo taster session

What would you make with a sheet of newspaper?

How to make a paper boat

Super boat building and accompanying written instructions!