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Spring Term

Come and See

We had a lovely morning with our parents and carers learning about the dangerous voyages of Christopher Columbus.  We shared lots of ideas about what the voyages must have been like and we listed lots of exciting adjectives to describe a stormy night at sea.  We then produced a diary entry in the first person which described a eventful night on the ship.

Fairy tale news report

We had a ball this week imagining we were reporting on the wedding of Cinderella and the Prince Charming. We chose roles in small groups and we devised a script which we could perform to the class to report on the Royal wedding. We had news presenters, bakers, hairdressers, weather forecasters and of course the King and Queen as the parents of the Prince. We loved using the microphone to project our voices, it was so much fun!


World Book Day

We celebrated world book day in style! We loved dressing up as our favourite book characters, sharing our favourite stories and completing lots of exciting activities throughout the day.


Art Week

We have had lots of fun this week studying the Pop Art movement and some of the famous artwork by Andy Warhol.  After spending some time talking about the famous screen print of Marilyn Monroe and discussing what we liked about it, we designed self portraits in the style of Andy Warhol.  We chose bright, vibrant colours for our artwork and we thought carefully about how the same image repeated can look very different when the colours are altered.  Using photographs of ourselves we transferred ideas from our individual designs to produce self portraits in the style of Andy Warhol.  We had so much fun using neon paints to change our appearance!  In the essence of Pop Art, we then used Pic Collage on the iPads to find and print objects and items from our popular culture which reflect our personalities and the world which we live in today.


We have thoroughly enjoyed something a little different this term in P.E.  We have been learning about Yoga and how it strengthens our muscles and calms our mind.  We have learned many yoga poses through our work on hot and cold climates.  We have practiced Arctic Yoga and African Yoga poses like the aeroplane, the tree pose, the iceberg, the walrus and the boat. Can you spot which pose is which in our photos?

Road Safety

We learned lots about staying safe in our local area this afternoon when Victoria came to visit us. We know 'The Green Cross Code', we know safer places to cross the roads with our adults like bridges and subways and we know to sit in a car seat wearing a seatbelt when traveling in a car.  We had a great time meeting Tessie Bear.

Come and See

Year 1 would like to say a big thank you to the parents and carers who managed to join us this morning in our activities.  We had a fantastic time learning facts about Arctic animals, making animal headbands with our group and presenting facts about our Arctic animal to the class with actions and props.

Polar Bears

We are learning about hot and cold climates and the animals which live in these areas of the world.  While learning about some of the coldest places in our world, we studied polar bears in the Arctic.  We have watched videos of polar bears in their habitat, we have learned lots of facts about these bears and we have shown what we know through writing detailed reports.  We have also really enjoyed creating polar bear artwork for a display in school.  We mixed blue and red watercolour paints to create the background of the scene before collaging snow and ice into each piece and finished by adding our individual drawings of polar bears.