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Spring Term

World Book Day


Everyone looked amazing dressed as their favourite book character for World Book Day. Thank you for helping the children to organise their costumes.  Please take a look at our photos; we're sure you'll agree that they all looked wonderful!



We have been practising our chest passes in P.E.  We are learning to weave in and out of our opponents in games activities.

The Stone Age


This half term we have been learning all about The Stone Age.  Have a look at some of the exciting activities we have taking part in.



We have been reading non-fiction texts to research the kind of tools and weapons made and used by Stone Age people.


For homework we used similar materials to make axes and spears.




Cave Paintings


In Art and Design we have studied the Stone Age cave paintings found in the Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave in  southern France . The cave contains some of the best-preserved cave paintings in the world!




What did people wear in the Stone Age?


We found lots of information and photographs of Stone Age clothing.



The Stone Age people started as hunter-gatherers and killed animals for food. They used the hides for clothing. At the end of the Stone Age people were less nomadic and began farming.  They began to use flax, cotton and cactus!





Computer Studies


We wrote non-chronological reports about how Stone Age people made and decorated their clothes.


To organise our text and imagery we used a WORD document.  We learnt how to make our writing bold and to underline out heading and sub-headings.  Changing the background colour really made our reports stand out to the reader.

Non-Chronological Reports


Read our amazing non-chronological reports to learn about Stone Age clothes!