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Summer Term

Visiting the Quayside for the Great Exhibition of the North

Year 2 had a brilliant day yesterday at the Quayside.  We started in the Sage when we first arrived.  We watched the animation 'Bridges' with headphones.  There was no narration for the story so you had to watch what was happening and listen to the music.  


After that we went upstairs and put on a new set of headphones.  Mrs Gill had a microphone and was talking to us.  We listened to different pieces of music and had to draw using the music to guide us. 





After the Sage we went outside to watch the water fountain display.  It was a beautiful day and we had some great views of the Quayside. 




Next we went down to the Baltic.  We looked around the different exhibits and talked about what we liked.  A favourite was the hoop structure made from lots of coins.  It was interesting looking at a photograph of Newcastle and Gateshead and spotting all of the different buildings. 




On our way back to the bus, we spotted boulders that had fallen into the church during the Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead!


A wonderful afternoon!

Picking Pea Pods

Year 2 visited our school garden today to look at the Year 2 patch.  We planted flowers and pea pods earlier in the year and it was looking very healthy.  The sunflowers looked great!  We each picked a pea pod to take home and we pulled up a few onions too.   

Cob Oven - Tuesday


This afternoon, the class split into two groups to continue work on the cob oven area.  One group helped Matthew to prepare the cob which, as you will see from the photos, was a fun but rather messy job!  This involved mixing clay, straw and sand together with our feet to make the cob, which was then rolled into balls to spread around the dome of the oven.



The other group of children watched Michael separate some plaster tiles from moulds that children from a different class had prepared earlier in the day and then went on to create their own tile designs, using a variety of patterns and freestyle drawings.  The tiles will decorate the cob oven area.


We all had a brilliant time working together outdoors in the sun and can really see the progress made on the oven.

The making of our Cob Oven

Today we met Matthew who is going to be building our cob oven with us this week and Michael, an artist, who is going to be creating pieces of art for the cob oven area.  Year 2 all got a chance to go up onto the field and work with them this afternoon.  One group worked with Michael, using tools and creating designs in the clay.  The other group worked with Matthew on making cob for the cob oven.  It got very messy and the children enjoyed squishing the cob with their hands and feet to mix it up.  We look forward to seeing how the cob oven progresses throughout the week.   

More Willow Weaving

Everyone has now had the chance to do some willow weaving and have enjoyed working together to make the hens.  Here are a few more pictures.

Willow Weaving


We enjoyed working with Victoria from Willow Barn, who helped us to learn new skills to create willow chickens for our outdoor field area.

Come and See - Becoming a Knight

Thank you to everyone who visited our class for our Come and See morning.  We had a great morning reading and writing about how people became knights in medieval times.  We also created our own shields, choosing our own symbols to represent us.  They are now displayed in the Year 2 classroom and look great.   




Fairy Visitors

What a strange week we've had in school.  At the beginning of the week, we found a small door in the library that led to a beautiful small room with a fire on.  Things became stranger as the week carried on as little doors began to appear in classrooms and then in the corridor.  Today when we arrived at school it was an infestation of at least 60 doors all over the school.  We even heard sawing and hammering in the ceiling!  Technology Tom came in to help us design equipment that we could leave out for the fairies.  It was a brilliant day and Mrs Gill was impressed with some of the designs that the children came up with in class.  It was lovely to see teamwork in Year 2 and everyone enjoying making things for the fairies.  Here are a few pictures of the doors we found and the super things we made for our little visitors.