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Summer Term

How do things work?    Who wants to be an evacuee? 

Which wild animals and plants thrive in out locality?

How could we cope without electricity for one day?

Why is the North East of England such a cool place to live?

How could Hitler have convinced a nation like Germany to follow him?

Just some of the exciting questions Y4 will be hoping to answer this term!

A trip to Berwick

What a great day we have had today, it has been very busy. We have sketched like Lowry, manned the ramparts, charged Scotish marauders, walked the walls, got married and dug holes in the sand. 

Come and see - using Place Value to divide by 10 and 100

Y4 Class Assembly - Wonderful Water!

Amazing Rainstorm !

This is not my video I was sent this in an email. I wanted to share with everyone the most amazing rainstorm I've heard. I don't know who the choir are either but enjoy.


Instruction will continue for the summer term with the last lesson on Thursday 12 July.

The aim is to teach the children to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres (please note the main pool length is 33 metres), using a variety of strokes effectively (for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke) and perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

We leave school at approximately 1.55pm then travel by private bus to the West Denton Leisure Centre. The half hour lesson is delivered by qualified coaches. We will return to school at approximately 3.20pm.

Please ensure your child has kit on Thursdays - towel and bathers: one-piece swimming costume for girls, swimming trunks/ shorts not baggy or below knee for boys. Long hair MUST be tied and clipped back and NO earrings or other jewellery can be worn. Swimming hats must be worn (your own or borrow from school) but goggles are optional.

Please check that your child’s name is in all PE kit, school uniform and coat.

A strange message has appeared outside the tiny door in a skirting board in the Y4 classroom. What might it mean?

Y4 decided to make the little refugees welcome to our school.


1 First, we thought about what makes a home 'a home' and considered our tiny visitors' needs.

2 Next, we measured the miniature doors around school to determine a scale of 1:20 when making items to make our little visitors feel welcome.

3 Then, we made small vehicles with Technology Tom.

Completed vehicles


Still image for this video

4 Finally, we completed a range of accommodation - starter homes to palatial townhouses.

Y4 spent a fun morning tackling some challenging Maths tasks including, origami, tessellations, operations treasure hunt and times tables quizzes using Plickers and Kahoot!  Some Y7 and Y9  pupils performed magnificent mathematical tricks then explained how they were done.  A BIG THANK YOU to them and Mrs Wood Graham and her staff.