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Summer Term

The making of the cob oven

What a great time we had with Matthew and Michael in the outdoor area this week. We have helped Matthew to prepare the cob with our hands and our feet... we loved this job! We have also worked with Michael to create tile designs, using a variety of tools.  The tiles will decorate the cob oven area.



We have had so much fun over the last few weeks helping Pearl and Gump in their seafaring adventures.  We have learned lots of pirate sayings, we've used directional language to find our way, we have made compasses, treasure maps and Rangoli patterns with fruit.  We have learned new pirate songs and we have used an APP on the iPads to make our pirate faces talk.


We have done so many exciting things, there's too much to mention...

So you landlubbers, have a look at some of the things we have been up to!

Come and See morning

We had a lovely morning today working on maths activities with our parents and carers.  We used equipment during maths investigations and talked about our findings as a class.

Fairies visit Newburn Manor

On Monday we found an exciting fairy door in our school library. Over the next few days we discovered more and more doors all around the school in every classroom and each corridor! We have heard hammering and sawing sounds which seemed to be coming from behind the fairy door in our classroom.  What could the fairies be making? Today we have made playground equipment and tiny household furniture to welcome the fairies into their new home.