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t1a Catching dreams

In English, we are reading and writing myths and information texts. Our class novel is Lynne Reid Banks’ ‘The Indian in the cupboard’. We are learning about the geography of North America and how the Native Americans have been portrayed in history. Reanne, from North East Dance, is teaching us some Native American steps so we can choreograph our own routines in PE.

In maths, we will be counting and partitioning 4-digit numbers and using column addition/ subtraction to solve problems. In science, we are learning about ‘Teeth and eating’, so Maddi’s Mum, a dental nurse, is coming in to show us how to care for our teeth.

On Wednesdays, we will be learning French, with Mrs Davies, beginning with ‘Les couleurs’.  Mr Vyle is back from his trip around the world and telling us a lot about the Native Americans he met! He is teaching us ICT ‘Writing for different audiences’, on Fridays.