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Waggonways and waterways

We have composed poems to raise awareness of pollution in the dene.  This is an example from the display outside our classroom written by Cole:

Yesterday, I heard the dene breathing

Yesterday, I saw the Dene breathing

Rivers racing and trees were the spectators.

Light gusts of wind shake the leaves like a rag doll.

Today, I see the Dene crying

Bicycles ditched in the river

Bin bags full of rubbish and thrown off the bank

Tomorrow, I might see the Dene waking

Fungi eating rotten logs

Green shoots

Tree buds coming to life.


Gillian, Newburn Ranger, has asked us to make posters to persuade local people to look after this precious place.

We all loved our ‘Puffing Billy’ Superlearning Week in June 2013, so we must make sure that our industrial heritage is not forgotten.  


People walk or cycle along old waggonway routes every day and they should be aware of their original purpose and historic significance, as well as their current importance for people and wildlife.  


So, we are working with Yvette Martin, from the charity Groundwork, and Gillian Brown, Newburn Ranger, to produce ideas and work to be incorporated into information boards, posters and possibly even an audio tour. 


In class, we have designed some wonderful way-markers (see below) to show people the waggonway routes.
The winner of the Waymarker competition, who will have their design reproduced to map out the walking route, was Abbey.  Second place was taken by a pupil from St George's, but third place was taken by Sky.  Well done!


By the half term holiday, we need to have carried out some research on:

          a) the Wylam Waggonway

          b) the Walbottle Moors Waggonway

          c) the North Walbottle/ Blucher Waggonway and
      the Dilly Line, which runs behind school.


The key to this research is to ask family and friends for their knowledge and memories of the local area. Look for some interesting facts that you think the general public would want to know about the route along which they are travelling. Please present your findings, text and illustrations, in a neat, legible but creative way!

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