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Weekly Learning Project 8th to 12th June

Hello Year 3,


This weeks learning project is one of my favourites!  We are looking at artists through time. I hope you will enjoy looking at an art history timeline to understand about the different art periods. I am sure there will be some artists that you have learnt about already at school but there are also lots of new artist to learn about.  Check out the Tate Kids website which is part of The Tate Gallery in London. It has some really exciting activities on offer.


In Maths we will continue the arty theme by thinking about Shape. We will look at horizontal and vertical lines and then use this to create our own artwork based on Pier Mondrian.


Keep uploading your work onto the blog. We will have our own virtual gallery with all the amazing artwork you will be doing. I can't wait to see it! 


Take care everyone,


Mrs Hainsworth

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