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Weekly Learning Projects


Dear Parents, Carers and Children,


I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable Easter holiday? I made a beautiful chocolate cake with hundreds of colourful mini eggs and fluffy chicks on the top. It was delicious!  Which kind of Easter egg did you enjoy this year?

I have also enjoyed some beautiful walks in Newburn Park. I hope you managed a visit there in all of this lovely sunshine. 

This week our learning project is all about Newburn. Some of the reading and writing activities are based around the village and their are lots of topic activities also on the theme. There are maths , reading, writing and topic activities to complete, enough for 1 a day.  If an activity takes longer, feel free to spend a couple of days on it, especially the writing and craft activities.  In math we are moving onto formal methods of multiplication. Please look at the support materials in Maths Resouces. Please all try multiplication of 2 digit x 1 digit without exchanging. There is a video demonstration in Maths Rescources.  Your Mathlectics activities have been guided to practise this also. If you are feeling confident with that, check out the Power Point in Math Resources which demonstrates 2 digit x 1 digit with exchanging. There are practise questions within the Power Point.


Enjoy your week everyone, and don't forget, just do your best and keep safe.


Mrs Hainsworth

Enjoy your Easter break!
Wk beg: 30th March 2020-All About Me

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,


Please see the activities listed in the PDF attached. There are reading, spelling, writing and math activities to complete daily. Choose one activity per day from the list provided. There are also a range of activities around the topic 'My Family' to complete during the week. Most activities have hyperlinks which will support your learning. Don't worry if you are finding something tricky, there are lots of different activities to keep you busy. Just choose the activities you feel most comfortable with.


Keep safe,


Mrs Hainsworth

Workbook Week.


Hello year 3!


I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine as much as you can!


I am sure you have all been very busy completing your daily tasks in your homework book. Please complete a reading, writing and math activity daily. Please also finish off any BINGO homework projects which were not yet completed.

Next week, I will post a  plan of activities for you to complete during the week, all based on the topic 'My Family.'

Alongside your school work, make sure you go for a long walk, run or bike ride every day and be helpful around the house!


Stay safe and see you soon,


Mrs Hainsworth.