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Year 1

Reception come to visit Year 1


As we are drawing nearer to the end of the school year, Reception class have visited the Year 1 classroom several times over the last few weeks.  We have really enjoyed helping the Reception children to 'get to know' what will be their new classroom in September. We loved telling them all about what we thought were the most important things about being in Year 1.  We talked lots about what we felt were important pieces of information for the Reception children with our teacher before they came.  We enjoyed listening to each others opinions and views. We are learning to respect different viewpoints and be able to share our own ideas with others.


Video of Year 1 children, originally shown at their class assembly for parents in June 2016, highlighting some of the pirate themed learning activities carried out during the term. Many thanks to our special 'pirates' from Dodgy Clutch Theatre Company for their support and creativity.

Talking Like A Pirate: Year 1 2015 - 2016

Year 1 children created their own pirate character as part of their pirate themed topic work. They even gave them voice using iPads and the app ChatterPix Kids by Duck Duck Moose, available on the App Store.

Art Week

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed looking at 'A Roman Triumph' by Peter Paul Rubens.  We chose to focus on the fruit baskets carried by the elephants in the painting after studying the art closely with viewfinders.  We read stories about fruit, we tasted different fruits and we printed onto fruit shapes using bubble wrap. Finally we created a whole class fruit basket using watercolours- it looks fantastic! 

Visit to the Life Centre


We had an exciting trip to the Life Centre in Newcastle to attend a workshop on 'Materials'.  We met Pirate Redbeard who set us a fantastic task. We worked in small groups and tested samples of different materials to see which would be strong enough to make a bag for Pirate Redbeard to carry her treasure in.


Parent/Child Music Session


We were delighted when our parents and carers were able to join us for one of our regular music sessions with The Piccolo Music Company.  During the lesson we had lots of fun singing with actions and even practised counting in French and Spanish!  We learned some important musical terms like 'pitch' and 'tempo'.  Thank you to everyone who was able to come along.

World Book Day


On World Book Day we celebrated by dressing up as our favourite book characters. Miss Osborne and Mrs Curry helped us to make some porridge - after we had washed our hands first, of course!  We agreed that our warm porridge tasted delicious with a swirl of jam or honey on top.  Yum!  Now we would be able to write our own instructions for making porridge.

Art: Giuseppe Arcimboldo


In Art we have been looking at the work of Italian artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo.  He was famous for making portraits out of fruit, vegetables, flowers and other objects such as books or jugs.  Look at some of the fabulous fruit faces we created in his style.

Birds of Prey Visit School


We were so excited when Ray from Kielder Water Birds of Prey Centre brought some of his birds to visit us at school.  He showed us several different breeds of owls and a vulture.  Some of us got a chance to handle them and we all learned lots of amazing facts about these wonderful creatures.


You can find out more about the Birds of Prey Centre by following this link:

Our 125th anniversary celebrations


The whole school took part in special celebrations to mark the 125th anniversary of our school.   We sat in rows in the hall, girls sat on one side while the boys sat on the other, just like in a real Victorian classroom.  We practised writing on slate which was pretty difficult. We had to try to keep up with the teacher- he was very strict! 


We learned a new school motto too:


Good, better, best

Never let it rest.

Until my good is better

And my better best.


We did try our very best in the Victorian classroom with Mr Woolley.


We also studied Victorian toys in our classroom with Mrs Sales.  We had to guess what some of the toys were and how Victorian children would have played with them.  After lunch, we took part in a drill outside with Reception class and Year 2- it was very cold! 


We had heaps of fun learning about Victorian schooling and childhood a long, long time ago.  It was very different at school for Victorian children. We think that school is much better today than in Victorian times!



Road Safety


Elaine came to talk to us about road safety.  She taught us the Green Cross Code and how to wear a seatbelt correctly using a car travel seat and her teddy bear!  We also learned how to make ourselves more visible when it is dark outside.

Visiting the Chickens


We have been visiting the chickens as part of our science work and in preparation for writing about chickens.

The Golden Mile


Year 1 children have taken part in the introduction to the Golden Mile initiative.  They loved jogging around a marked track to see how many laps they could complete in 3 minutes.  It was thirsty work!


Welcome to Year 1


The children are enjoying the challenge of entering Key Stage 1 and they have settled well into their new class with Mrs Howse and Miss Osborne.  They look forward to each Friday when Mrs Sales returns to school to teach them for a whole day!