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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

First Aid Training

We had a fantastic morning with Richie from Blue Tiger First Aid Training.  He talked to us about what to do in an emergency.  He showed us what to do if someone is choking and we all had the chance to practise on either Richie or Mrs Gill.  He also showed us how to put someone safely on their side if they are unresponsive.  A very useful morning! 

Mrs Quigley's visit from Australia

We loved having Mrs Quigley visit from Newcastle in Australia.  She is a primary teacher in a school in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.  She told us all about her school and we asked her lots of questions about where she lived, what her school was like and what the similarities and differences were between her school and schools in England. 

Come and See

We had a lovely morning on Thursday with lots of visitors.  Thank you to everyone who came to see Year 2.  We looked at postcards from the seaside before writing our own postcard.  After break we tried a very tricky challenge using the red and yellow counters, trying to find the missing values.  We also had a go at challenging each other.

Fire Safety

Today, Kate from the Fire Service came into class to talk about Fire Safety.  She told us about the dangers of fire.  We watched a short episode of Fireman Sam all about the importance of smoke alarms.  We talked about how we can stay safe and what we should do if there is a fire. 

1. Get out.  

2. Get the fire brigade out. 

3. Stay out. 

Kate also showed us the uniform that firefighters wear to keep them protected when they are fighting fires.  Some of the class got to try things on. 

We finished with a quiz all about the Great Fire of London.  We did very well and answered all of the questions correctly. 

If you would like help regarding smoke alarms in your house, please contact Kate at the Fire Service on 0191 4441104 . 

Djembe Drumming Performance

Year 2 have had a fantastic time learning to play the Djembe drums with Steve and Franco.  We performed with Year 1 today for our families.  It was brilliant drumming, singing the animal song, moving like the animals and dancing to the different drumming patterns. 

Thank you to everyone who came to see us perform! 

Warkworth Castle

Year 2 had a fantastic day at Warkworth Castle.  We explored the different rooms in the Castle Keep and got to look at some interesting objects while we walked around.  We know lots of facts about castles now!  We had our lunch outside on the grass and then looked at the other parts of the castle.  It was interesting to see features of the castle that we had been learning about in class.   

Come and See

We had a great morning today for 'Come and See'.  We started the day thinking about the different jobs that people would have had in a castle.  We read about the different jobs and thought about which job we would have liked.  Not many of us would have wanted to be a Gong Farmer though!  Then we had our weekly drumming lesson with Steve.  This was lots of fun and we practised the different animal sounds using the Djembe drums.  After break we continued our 'Castle' theme and created some chalk pictures of castles using Paul Klee as inspiration.  We used the shapes you would see in a castle and lots of bright colours!

Thank you to all of the adults who came in to join in with our learning.  



We've had a brilliant couple of weeks drumming with Franco and Steve from Newcastle Music Services.  We were introduced to the djembe drum.  We watched some interesting animals and thought about how you could show their movements by using a djembe drum. 

Easter Hat Parade

What a fantastic time we had during our Easter Hat Parade.  The whole class looked great in their Easter costumes and performed well for the whole school.   


Year 2 had a fantastic morning at Sainsbury's in Throckley today.  We worked in groups to find foods from the different food groups.  We also looked at which foods were healthy and which foods were unhealthy by looking at the packaging.  It was very interesting!  We looked closely at the fruit and vegetables and tried to find out which countries they came from.  At the end of our trip, Sainsbury's gave each child in Year 2, a bag of fruit to eat back at school.  What a busy morning!

Come and See

Thank you to all of the adults who visited us for our 'Come and See' morning.  We had a great  morning making 3D shapes using straws and plasticine.  We named the shapes and identified the number of faces, edges and vertices.  We also enjoyed describing a dragon's lair and worked in groups to come up with ideas for what we could see, hear, touch and how we  would feel. 

Art Week - Day 5

We have enjoyed exploring the colour blue this week!  Today we used different fabrics to collage one umbrella and painted the other umbrella using different blues for the different sections.  They look fantastic!  We also created more hexagons for our tessellation.  We used lots of different fabrics including denim.  To celebrate our artistic achievements Mrs Wight brought in home-made blue hexagon cakes as a special treat!  What a brilliant week!


British Heart Foundation Skipathon

We enjoyed skipping outside today to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.  We used skipping ropes and hoops to skip in our Family groups.   

Art Week - Day 4

Today we thought about what Renoir's painting would look like from the sky.  We imagined lots of umbrellas together.  We decided to use this to create a tessellation of umbrellas (hexagons) in different blues.  We used pastels, wool, cards, crepe paper, ribbon, tissue paper, paint, crayons, pencils and felt tips.  Now we will put the hexagons together to create a tessellation.  We also started covering two umbrellas in newsprint and glue.  We will decorate our umbrellas tomorrow with shades of blue paint and collage materials.   

Art Week - Day 3

Today Year 2 finished creating our umbrellas using different shades of blue.  We used the magazine pieces from all our sorting yesterday.  They look fantastic!

Art Week - Day 2

Today we continued to think about the colour blue.  We searched through magazines to find different blues and collected them together.  Then we sorted our blues into different shades of blue.  We have started using these blues to collage over an umbrella shape, using different shades of blue for each section.

Art Week - Day 1

This week we are looking at Renoir's Umbrellas to use as inspiration for our Art Week in school.  Year 2 made their own view finders and we looked closely at the painting.  Lots of children noticed that the colour blue was the main colour of the painting.  We decided to experiment and see how many blues we could make.  We used black and white paint to darken and lighten our blue paint and created strips of blue going from very light blue to very dark blue.  We also watched the dance from 'Singing in the Rain' and then created some of our own dance movements outside for the song.

World Book Day

Year 2 had a fantastic day for World Book Day.  They looked great in their costumes and enjoyed hearing a teacher read one of their favourite books.  In the afternoon, they enjoyed playing 'Who am I?' based on famous characters from stories.  They also worked in groups on  different activities including some drama. 


Mrs Gill is thrilled with how hard the class have been working on their homework this half term.  We have filled the classroom with models of bridges, local landmarks, quizzes, sketches, adverts, information booklets and much more...


Year 2 loved our Curling session in school with Mr Turner from Premier Sports.  We followed the 'Fun Agreement' to ensure we were learning and having fun at the same time.   

Persuasive Writing about Newcastle

Year 2 have enjoyed creating persuasive posters all about where we live.  They used Pic Collage on the Ipads to change the size, font and colours.  They then searched for photographs on the internet and inserted them into their poster.

More Bridge Building

This week we have been bridge building again.  We worked in small groups to create a bridge using paper, wooden dowels and masking tape.  They were very successful! 

Come and See

Thank you to all the adults that visited our class for 'Come and See'.  We had a great morning making adverts for Mr and Mrs Shoemaker for their shoe shop sale.  We used lots of persuasive language in our adverts and made them look eye catching.  In Maths we played lots of different games to help us when telling the time.  

Building Bridges

We enjoyed working in teams this week to create a bridge that would hold the weight of a toy car.  We could only use paper and masking tape.  We worked well together and every group was successful which was brilliant.  Next week we are going to build bridges using a different technique.

The Elves and the Shoemaker

Year 2 have enjoyed retelling the story of 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' this week using a story map.  Afterwards, they drew their own story map for their own story.  We are going to write these stories this week.  Watch this space...

Retelling the story

Our own story maps

Happy New Year!

Year 2 have had a fantastic first week back.  They have been reading the story 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' and have enjoyed writing diary entries and letters this week.  Next week we will start writing our own stories.  We have been looking at statistics this week in maths and worked on a very strange bar chart that was missing labels for each column.  We had to read the clues to see where each label was meant to be.  It was a tricky challenge but we didn't give up!   

Bar Chart Tricky Challenge

Year 2 and 3 Christmas Party

Year 2 had a fantastic party with Year 3.  We played lots of games in the hall and then had a fabulous feast in our classroom.  Thank you to everyone who brought in some food for our party.  We had a brilliant afternoon!

Christmas around the world

Year 2 had fantastic fun working with Year 3 and Year 4 on our Christmas production.  Mrs Gill was very proud watching us sing and dance. 


We had a great time coding this week.  We had to choose the correct commands to guide an angry bird through the maze to get to the pig. 

Maths session after school

Well done to all of the Year 1 and 2 parents and children who took part in our maths workshop with Maths Consultant, Liz Bailey.  It was a great evening with lots of fun and practical games to play at home to help build on those basic skills in maths.   

The Great Fire of London

Year 2 have enjoyed learning about the events of the Great Fire of London.  They have produced some lovely pieces of writing.  For homework, pupils made either a drawing or model of a house from the 1666.  They are fantastic and are now on display in the classroom.  We also used collage in class to make some fantastic artwork showing the fire. 

Making Great Fire of London collage pictures

Working with Year 6

Year 2 enjoyed working with Year 6 on Tuesday.  We worked in pairs to create ravens using collage materials.  They are now on display in the main hall as part of our Sleeping Beauty display. 

Come and See

Thank you to all of the adults that came to see us working on Thursday.  We worked hard in maths completing a tricky maths challenge called 'Chicken and Sheep'.  We worked well in groups to solve the challenge and then explained how we did it to the rest of the class.  In literacy we enjoyed creating our own acrostic poems about the Great Fire of London.

Fractions using Cuisenaire rods

Today we used the Cuisenaire rods to investigate fractions. 


Mr Cochrane visited our school today to talk about E-Safety.  We thought about how to stay safe on the internet.  We talked about personal information and how important it is to keep it safe. 

Planting Trees 

Year 2 had a brilliant morning planting trees with Mr Vyle.  This is to make our very own Forest School area.  

Remembrance Day

Today we had a one minute silence at 11.00am in the yard.  The whole school stood silent and thought about people who have fought in past and present conflicts in the world.  We also thought about poppies and why we wear them.  Some children made poppies using the Lego and peg boards.     

Our Class Assembly about Kenya

We had a wonderful class assembly all about Kenya today!  We shared the facts that we had been learning about in class and sang and danced to the Kenyan welcome song, Jambo.  We showed homework that we had created and all of the other activities we have been doing at school.  Mrs Gill was very proud of us!



Still image for this video

Newburn goes bang!

What an amazing Super Learning Day!  We have had great fun learning about 'The Gunpowder Plot'.  We enjoyed dressing up and started the day with Technology Tom and a super science show.  He showed us how science could be used to protect Mrs McFadyen's special key.  He demonstrated how to build a rocket and then launch it across the hall. 

In class we worked well together when making our own rockets.  When we were finished we went into the yard to launch them.