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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

The Egyptians

Focus: King Tutankhamun




We looked at primary and secondary sources to research information about King Tutankhamun.  We also read an extract from Howard Carter's diary describing the chamber.  One of the sources was a photograph of King Tut's chamber.  There were lots of treasures inside.



Art and Design


We drew King Tutankhamun's death mask.  We painted it gold, blue, and red, the main colours in his mask.  The headdress is striped with blue glass and gold.  The vulture head symbolises Tut's sovereignty over Upper Egypt.

School Garden


We enjoyed preparing the raised beds in our school garden so that we could sow some vegetable seeds.  School volunteers, Mrs Lester and Mrs Brydon, explained what we needed to do to get our seeds off to a good start.  We are now looking forward to good crops of chard, chives, spinach, lettuce and radishes later in the year.

Team Games


We all had a brilliant afternoon playing team games (benchball, dodgeball and kabaddi) with children from other schools at Walker Activity Dome.

Oriental Museum Visit


We had an amazing time at Durham University's Oriental Museum exploring how the ancient Egyptians used to live. During our workshop, we were able to handle genuine artefacts that were between 2000 - 4000 years old. We learned more about the process of mummification and even got the chance to dress as ancient Egyptians!

Identifying Trees


We have been using a key to help us to recognise leaves from different types of trees.  Outside, we explored the school grounds and collected leaves to find out which species of tree grow there.  You might like to look at the Woodland Trust website to help you learn more about how to identify trees in your own neighbourhood:

Class Assembly: The Human Body


Many thanks to everyone who attended our Year 3 class assembly.  We were delighted to be able to share some of the amazing things we have been learning about the Human Body this term.  Please take a look at our photos from the assembly.

Christmas Party


We had a fantastic Christmas party shared with our friends from Year 2 and enjoyed lots of party games and dancing!  Many thanks to everyone who sent in food for the occasion.

Stone Age Homework


Please take a look at the amazing homework the children have produced after carrying out research around their history topic: The Stone Age.

Celebration of Trumpet


During the autumn term, Mr Rudkin from Newcastle Music Service has been teaching us how to play the pocket trumpet.  Our weekly lessons culminated in a performance in front of the whole school, as well as our parents, when we proudly showed off all the progress we have made during a short concert.

Hour of Code


We looked at the Hour of Code on the website: 

There are lots of cool things to do there. Every child was given a login card so they can go on it at home too.

Super Learning Day: Newburn Goes Bang!


We had an amazing Super Learning Day, having lots of fun as we learned more about the Gunpowder Plot.  Some of us even came to school dressed in costumes to represent the people of 1605 when it took place.  Our special visitor, Technology Tom, showed us lots of fun Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities, including launching rockets across the hall!


Back in the classroom, we our made very own rockets and launched them using air pressure.  We also created some fabulous 3D fireworks using collage.  Please do see our photos and video!

Blast Off!

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Making Pizzas

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We had a brilliant morning with friendly staff from Pizza Express at the Metrocentre learning how to make pizzas. The pizzaiolo (pizza chef) taught us how to make a famous Italian classic: the Marguerita. After washing our hands and donning aprons, we kneaded dough until it was lovely and smooth to create the perfect base. We discovered how important fresh ingredients are to the pizza's flavour then topped our pizza bases with passata, mozzarella and oregano. Whilst we were waiting for them to cook we tasted and learned many facts about different ingredients, eg olives, tomatoes, basil and onions. When the pizzas were ready they were put into boxes to take away and we each given a Junior Pizzaiolo Certificate to show we were now little pizza chefs! Thank you Pizza Express!

Rotary Club Books


The local Rotary Club kindly donated a number of books to our school. Each child was able to chose a book from the wide selection and the children very much look forward to reading them.  Thank you Rotary Club!

Why I chose this book

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We love to share a good story ...

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Trumpet Lessons


This term, Mr Rudkin from Newcastle Music Service will be teaching us how to play the pocket trumpet.  Our weekly lessons will lead to a performance in front of the whole school, to which we will invite our parents.

Our First Lesson