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Year 4

Thursday's Group Trip to Beadnell


Thursday's group had great fun despite the weather.  We built a shelter, had a go at fire lighting and enjoyed exploring the rock pools.

Wednesday's Group Trip to Beadnell


On Wednesday, we had a very busy day which included exploring the harbour and village.  We spoke to the local villagers about the amenities in the area and investigated some of the history of Beadnell too.  We also took the opportunity to search the rock pools and examine some of the plants and creatures that live in this, often harsh, environment.  Back at school, we enjoyed discussing all the things we had learned during our visit.

Beadnell Rocks!

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Monday's Group Trip to Beadnell


We had a fantastic two days on the beach doing lots and lots of things. Everyone had a great time and  behaved themselves very well - even Mr Vyle.

String Telephones

Arbeia Roman Fort & Museum Visit


We had a wonderful time exploring the lives of ancient Romans during our recent visit to Arbeia.  Various artefacts and displays in the Fort and Museum painted a vivid picture of this part of history.  Mrs Dooley led us on a fascinating tour of the barracks and excavations, followed by a meeting with the formidable Centurion Maximus, who told us a tale or two as he allowed us to handle and try on a Roman soldier's equipment.  He then put us through our paces as new recruits!  

Regina's tombstone

This tombstone is evidence for immigration and the mixing of cultures 1800 years ago as it was set up outside Arbeia Roman fort at South Shields in north-east England.


We translated its Latin inscription to mean it remembers a woman called Regina, who originally belonged to the Catevellauni tribe from southern England, so she was a Briton.  Sadly, Regina was a slave, but Barates, a man from Palmyra in Syria, freed her then married her.  He must have loved her because when she died aged 30, he had this expensive tombstone made for her.  Uniquely in Britain, a second inscription in his own language, Aramaic, reading 'Regina, freedwoman of Barates, alas'. 

We know about slavery in ancient times but have also discussed that some people in the world nowadays do not have their freedom so we are learning to value our individual liberty.

Celebration of Trumpet Concert


During the spring term, Mr Rudkin from the Newcastle Music Service, has been teaching Year 4 children how to play the pocket trumpet.  Weekly lessons culminated in a performance in front of the whole school, as well as many parents, when they proudly showed off all the progress they had made during a short concert.  Many thanks to Mr Rudkin and everyone who was able to come along.

Improvising ...

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Celebration of Trumpet


Parents/carers are invited to attend our Celebration of Trumpet on Thursday, 24 March 2016.  Please see the poster below for details.

Joyeuses Pâques

Thank you to all the parents/carers who came to help us with our Easter activities!

Newcastle Schools Dance Festival 2016


Year 4 children had a wonderful time performing at the Newcastle Schools Dance Festival at the City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne.  Many other schools took part in this event organised by the PE and School Sport Service and there was a wonderful atmosphere.  Thank you to everyone who supported this event.

Looking forward to the event

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Newcastle Schools Dance Festival 2016: Year 4 Rehearsal

Year 4 children rehearsing their dance in preparation for the Newcastle Schools Dance Festival 2016. Many thanks to Emma Roberts from 'In The Limelight' who choreographed the dance, set to the song 'When I Grow Up', from the musical adaptation of Roald Dahl's book 'Matilda'.

World Book Day 2016


Year 4 children had great fun dressing up as their favourite characters for World Book Day.  Please take a look at our photographs.

World Book Day 2016 Willie Wonka's SMARTIE fractions

Georgia O'Keefe flowers

Holiday Tasks 


We would be grateful if children could please practise their 'Learn Its' addition and multiplication facts during the half-term holiday. 


A useful website we use for practice at school is: 


An app for Android and iPad devices is also available from Top Marks.  Please see this website for details:

E-Safety Training


During class e-safety training, Mr Cochrane told us about making passwords strong by using letters, numbers and symbols.  He recommended a useful website that can detect how safe passwords are:

Creating City Music

The Future City

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The class have used Garage Band on the iPad to create music that reflects city life. They selected their own style and chose loops of music to create a short piece. Here is a selection: The Future City by Joe and Lee, using synth based loops, The Old meets the New by Mya and Lexie who have used very full string loops to create a classic sound. (I love the gaps with just the one instrument playing, it makes me think of the history behind a modern city.) Lastly, Simmy and Brooke produced a vey elegant piece around percussive sounds; I think it captures the energy of a city centre very well.

The Old Meets The New

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Simmy and Brooke

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The Magical Christmas Jigsaw


Years 2, 3 and 4 enjoyed working together on our Christmas performance of 'The Magical Christmas Jigsaw' - a traditional story of the Nativity which comes to life as a magical jigsaw is pieced together.  We performed proudly in front of our families and friends.  Please take a look at our photo slideshow.

Super Learning Day - School's 125th Anniversary


Everyone took part in our school's Victorian themed Super Learning Day, held to celebrate its 125th year.  We followed a timetable similar to that of the first children to attend our school when it opened in 1890.  This involved various activities such as Bible reading, handwriting practice, drill, arithmetic, history, geography and drawing.  We all had a fantastic time learning about Victorian life, even though things were very much stricter in those days!


We welcomed several important visitors during the day.  Mr Woolley came from Beamish Museum and took each class for lessons, similar to those in the Victorian era.  We carefully practised handwriting with pen and ink, recited a poem and chanted times tables.  Mrs Davies' mother, Mrs Walker, visited us.  She is 95 years old and first attended our school in 1926!  Our other esteemed visitors were none other than the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland (played by actors), who came to check on the progress of our pupils.  Both Mrs Walker and the Duchess were delighted to be presented with posies from the children. 


Here is a video from the day which will give you a flavour of what we have been doing.  Photos will follow soon.

Victorian School Life

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The Colour of Home by Mary Hoffman

Year 4 children were very moved by Hassan's story - how he was growing up happily in his native Somalia until the war came and the family were forced to be refugees.  We compared Hassan's life to the freedom we enjoy and realised that while everyone has the right to individual liberty we need to take seriously our responsibility to others. 

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

World War 2 Class Assembly


This half term we have been learning lots about life as an evacuee during World War 2, culminating in our themed class assembly in front of the whole school.  Thank you to all parents and carers who were able to come along and see us in action!  We were delighted to be able to share some of the work we have been doing in class.  Please take a look at our photo slideshow and videos of us singing.

London's Burning

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Sailor's Prayer

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Hey Mr Miller

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We harvested the vegetables from our raised bed then Mrs Heslop helped us to make soup.  We imagined life as an evacuee in World War 2.  Leaving our parents was difficult and the journey seemed very long so we were glad of a delicious meal when we arrived safely at our destination!


Dear Parents/Carers and Children


Welcome to Year 4!


I hope you had a great summer holiday!  I am very pleased that all the children have settled in very well and are rising to the standard of behaviour and work expected in Year 4.


What we are learning this half term


We began the year immersing ourselves in the magical picture book ‘The Lost Happy Endings’.  The Year 4 classroom door is decorated to represent the setting so the children really feel as if they are ‘stepping into the characters’ shoes’.  Our amazing writing will be on display in the corridor.


For the rest of this half term, our main cross-curricular topic is history,Who wants to be ... an evacuee?’ in World War 2.  In English, we will be reading newspaper reports of the time, and then we will imagine living as an evacuee writing letters home.  We will look at the geography of Europe at the time.  In science, ‘Animals, including humans’, we are learning about the digestive system and how to care for our teeth.  We will harvest the vegetables from our raised bed to make some nutritious soup.  Were people healthier when food was rationed during WW2?

In maths, we will be counting and partitioning 4-digit numbers then using column addition/subtraction to solve problems.  It is very important that we aim to know all the times tables to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4 so please learn your ‘Learn Its’!


On Wednesday afternoons, we will be learning French with Madame Davies, ‘Je parle français!’, to introduce ourselves, then learn numbers 0 - 10, then, with Mr Vyle, we are ‘Creating cartoons’ in computing. 


How we learn


I wholeheartedly believe in cooperative learning in the classroom, therefore have placed the children in mixed ability groups so that they may help each other during the learning process. 


Research has shown that all students do better when they are allowed to discuss and reinforce their ideas as they learn.  


Working in these small groups is already paying dividends and the children are learning valuable social skills they will need throughout life. 


How you can help your child




On Fridays, an aspect of Maths, which we have covered during the week, will be sent home for further practice.  This should be returned to school on the following Monday. 


Now baseline assessments have been completed, English spellings will also be sent home on Fridays to be learned then tested on Thursday mornings.  A score of 8/10 gets Bronze, 9/10 Silver and 10/10 Gold.  Each week, the class with the highest percentage wins the Super Spellers Star in Celebration Assembly, so please learn your words!




Please ensure library books are brought on Thursday mornings when we are able to change them.


School-home reading books


Please ensure your child brings their reading book and record to school every day, as they practise reading ‘in their head’ and aloud to each other or an adult.  The children should read for at least 10 - 15 minutes every evening and at weekends so you should sign the reading record as evidence


PE Kit


We will be doing PE on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Please ensure your child has kit on these days – red or white round-necked T-shirt and dark shorts (NO football strips, NO earrings or jewellery).  Jogging bottoms/leggings and gym shoes/trainers will be needed for outdoor games.


Please check that your child’s name is written in all their PE kit and school uniform, including their coat.


Please note - swimming lessons will begin after Christmas for the spring and summer terms.


‘the GOLDEN mile’ launch


Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Year 6 children will start the rest of the school on our ‘Road to Rio’ Olympics and Paralympics 2016.


Year 4 Parents’ Consultations


Monday 5 and Wednesday 7 October 2015

Appointment times will be sent out when all requests have been received, with a final list placed on the wall just outside the Year 4 classroom.


Year 4 Class Assembly


Who wants to be ... an evacuee?'

Thursday, 22 October 2015, 10.10 am

Watch and hear us acting and singing!


I look forward to working with you to develop your children’s learning.


Mrs Anne Dooley