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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


How we learn


I wholeheartedly believe in cooperative learning in the classroom, therefore I place the children in mixed ability pairs for each half term so that they may help each other during the learning process.  Research has shown that all students do better when they are allowed to discuss, explain and reinforce their ideas as they learn. 


Think  – Pair – Share


Working with a learning partner is already paying dividends and the children are practising valuable social skills that they will need throughout their lives. 

How you can help your child


Research has shown that all students make better progress with support from parents and carers so please discuss with them what they have learned in school each day.  Please drop in to our half-termly OPEN MORNING to find out more about the exciting things we’re learning!


School-home reading books


Please ensure your child brings their reading book and record to school every day, as they practise reading ‘in their head’ and aloud to each other or an adult.  The children should read for at least 10-15 minutes every evening and at weekends so you should sign the reading record as evidence. 




Please ensure library books are brought on Thursday mornings when we are able to change them.




It is very important that we aim to recall quickly all the times tables to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4 so please practise your personalised ‘Learn Its’!

What we are learning

Beadnell Trip 2017

For all pictures; go to the trips page on parents. Here is what the children think - in their own words


World War 2 Evacuees


On our visit to The Barn at Easington, we enjoyed playing the role of World War 2 evacuees.  Mrs Green, the farmer, had been widowed during World War 1 and her son was now fighting.  She made us feel very welcome at her farm, along with Gunther, a German prisoner of war who had been billeted on the farm to help (and who we also discovered was plotting to escape!). We were kept busy sowing seeds, writing postcards home, collecting coal and sea glass from the beach, and lots more.  At the end of the day, we finished with a game and good old sing-song!


Many thanks to the Dodgy Clutch Theatre Company, all at The Barn and everyone who helped.  We learned lots about the lives of people during World War 2.



Trumpet Concert


During the spring term, Mr Rudkin from Newcastle Music Service, has been teaching Year 4 children how to play the pocket trumpet.  Weekly lessons culminated in a performance in front of the whole school, as well as many parents, when they proudly showed off all the progress they had made during a short concert. Many thanks to Mr Rudkin and everyone who came along.

Hear us play!

Still image for this video

Visit by Mel, School Health Worker

Art Week 2017


After closely observing 'Les Parapluies', Year 4 were inspired by how Renoir represents different people.  We investigated how to mix the primary colours, plus lots of white, in different proportions to reproduce different skin tones.  We will exhibit our discoveries using a similar form to the work of Byron Kim, a Korean-American artist, in his piece called 'Synecdoche'.  This is a figure of speech in which a part stands in for a whole, for example, all hands on deck, many mouths to feed, a new set of wheels.  Our panels will be ordered alphabetically according to our surnames, making a final abstract group portrait of our class.

Mixing paint to represent different skin tones

The Romans: Year 4 2016 - 2017

A video slideshow highlighting some of the work of pupils in Year 4 who have been studying the Romans, originally shown during their class assembly in March 2017. Music: 'The Legion' and 'Into Battle' from Dance Notes Key Stage 2 Album 'The Romans', composed and performed by Brian Madigan

Year 4 Poetry Recital: Roman Wall Blues by W H Auden

The poem 'Roman Wall Blues' by W H Auden, recited by the children of Year 4 during their Roman themed class assembly in March 2017.

Arbeia Roman Fort & Museum Visit


We had a wonderful time exploring the lives of ancient Romans during our recent visit to Arbeia.  Various artefacts and displays in the fort and museum painted a vivid picture of this part of history.  Mrs Dooley led us on a tour of the barracks and excavations and we also met the formidable centurion Maximus, who told us a tale or two as he allowed us to handle and try on a Roman soldier's equipment.  He then put us through our paces as new recruits!  Please see our photographs and video.

Marching with Maximus

Still image for this video
Music inspired by Martin Garix

Faye's Song

Brexton's Tune

Emily's Song

Christian's Beats

Exploring Sound


We created a cacophony in the classroom when we used the app Physics Oscilloscope to explore sound using a variety of instruments:


Spooky Music Challenge


The children are learning how to use GarageBand on the iPads. This week we have been making scary music; turn the lights off and have a listen ... if you dare!

Spooky pass B and T.mp3

Cool Kasie and Emelia.mp3

Raif and Faye SPOOKY.mp3

Spooky hocas pocas dp.mp3

Author Anne Fine


We have very much enjoyed looking at some of the books written by well known author Anne Fine.

Fractions Friday


After completing some fabulous fraction work on Friday, we played the game 'Triplets' from the following American website as a special treat:


We also like to use 'Thinking Blocks' from the same website to help us model and solve word problems:

Harvest for the World

Year 4 children sing their version of 'Harvest for the World', a song written by the Isley Beothers and Chris Jasper, which the children sang at our school's Harvest Celebration of 2016.

In science, ‘Living things and their habitats’, we will be recognising that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways using classification keys.  Representatives of the Tyne Rivers Trust will be visiting us to help us take part in the Wild Trout Trust’s ‘Mayfly in the classroom’ project and so we will be exploring the local environment around our school.

We will observe flowering plants to make art in the style of American artist, Georgia O’Keeffe.

Flowers inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe and Mrs Leiper's hanging baskets

To celebrate the centenary of his birth, our class novel is Roald Dahl’s ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’.  We will read each chapter as a whole class or in guided groups, with a partner or independently.  We will write character profiles and some different non-fiction text types: recounts, including newspapers, reports, instructions and persuasion.

We will compare the book to the brilliant film animation directed by Wes Anderson.
Did you know that Fantastic Mr Fox builds a city underground?  In geography, our topic is ‘Where would you choose to build a city?’ looking at the locations of some major European cities, including Paris.

D & T Challenge – What’s the tallest structure you can make from only one sheet of A4 paper?

In maths, we will be practising counting in 1000s, 25s, 6s, 9s and 7s and spotting patterns.  We will recognise the place value of each digit in 4-digit numbers (thousands, hundreds, tens and ones Th H T U).  We need to understand this well so we can partition/recombine using arrow cards before using formal written methods of column addition/subtraction to solve problems. 

'Early Bird' Maths Y4 examples

In PSHE, Personal Social Health Economic Education, we are learning about the importance of participation and inclusion in 'Being me in my world'.

Democracy in action

We are pleased to appoint Emelie and Raif as our Y4 representatives on our NMPS School Council!  We are sure they will do a great job!

On Wednesday afternoons, we will be continuing to learn French with Madame Davies beginning with colours, then we will be computing with Mr Vyle. 

We will be doing PE on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Please ensure your child has kit on these days – red or white round-necked T-shirt and dark shorts (NO football strips, NO earrings or jewellery).  Jogging bottoms/leggings and gym shoes/trainers will be needed for outdoor games.


Swimming instruction will begin after Christmas for two terms.