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I know I have put a link to the website on your learning project but just wanted to explain it in more detail.  The resource is fantastic, it may help any of you who are really struggling with the writing tasks.  My little boy loves to write but he's been getting upset at home as he can't think of ideas, we had tears today but then we looked on the authorfy website and found some fantastic video clips to inspire short pieces of writing.  The ten minute challenges are the best, here is the link:


Freddie has created a magical creature today and tomorrow we are going to do the Abi Elphinstone challenge about creating a portal to an exciting new land.  Just ten minute exercises to kick start your imagination.


Seeing my Freddie so upset has worried me in case any of you feel the same, writing is hard without a teacher and all of your classmates around to help.  Just do what you can, if my ideas feel too tricky today, why not re-write your favourite story, or write a diary entry all about your day?  Put your pens on paper, and try to use some interesting vocabulary.  That's all we can expect of you.  Try your best but please don't worry heart


Happy Belated Easter


Hello my favourite little people. I hope you all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed lots of chocolate eggs.  I had a wonderful time, although I did get in trouble for stealing Iris and Freddie's chocolate eggs once they went to bed frown (bad Mammy)!! 


I have been trying to relax a little, but also doing jobs around the house and playing lots of board games with my family. I've really enjoyed having time to read again too, I'm finally making my way through my 'to read' list.  I hope you all have found time to do things which make you feel happy and content.  But if you are ever feeling overwhelmed, you could try some of the breathing techniques we learnt in class (if you've forgotten GoNoodle have some great ideas). 


I often talk about you all to my family, and I think of your lovely little faces every day.  I hope you are all ok, I know this is a crazy time but remember we are all in this together.  When I feel sad or bored, I think about some of the funny moments we had in class together (there were lots) and it always makes me smile.


I have been putting together some work to keep you occupied over the coming week, I hope you enjoy it.  I am also going to be uploading some videos and daily maths tasks on the 'Maths Support Tab', I will have the first lot of videos available by Monday (20th), so look out for those.  Just a little recap of the basic calculations we did in class.


Stay safe and try to keep your brains active...


Sending all of my love to you and your families, take care,


Mrs Reid. heartx


Ideas for Learning for Week Two of Isolation


Hello my favourite little people.  I hope you are all ok, I miss you all dearly.  I hope you're taking the time to relax and spend some quality time with your family. I have put together a learning guide for this week.  I would love it if you could do a reading, writing, spelling and maths task each day.  They are just small tasks, and as you have all day they should help ease any boredom and keep your brains fit and healthy.  Most of the work encourages you to think about yourself and your family. To really consider what is important to you and those around you.  


Please don't get stressed or worried if you don't fully understand the task, it's fine to get help and I'm more than happy for you to carry out the tasks your own way.  For example the character description can be set up like a fact file, a poster or written formally in paragraphs.  As I am not there teaching and guiding you through the tasks, I don't expect you all to complete them in the same way.  I just want to keep your brains active and your pens and pencils busy.  Just try your best and please set aside some time each day for learning.


Remember we're all in this together and although we're apart I am thinking of you all every day and sending all my love to you and your families heart.


Mrs Reid. x




Just a little note to say I hope you're all feeling ok and enjoying this glorious sunshine.  I am sure you've all been working through the activities in the packs I sent home.  I hope you are making time for some fun and relaxation too.


Just to recap what I was hoping you would be able to do:


  • Logging into Mathletics, Lexia and Times table Rock Stars (daily if possible), 15 minutes on each would be amazing.
  • Reading daily - your reading book, websites, comics, recipes anything at all, please just read read read.
  • Once a day, could you complete a short maths activity in your blue books.
  • There are several English tasks in your purple books - reading, SPAG and writing tasks to choose from.
  • Practice your handwriting, copy a paragraph from your reading book, lyrics to a song or even instructions for a game. 


If you find any of the work tough, and feel like you need me to explain it, please move on to something else, I definitely don't want anyone worrying about it.  There is a letter containing details on all of the websites where you can find additional work and fun activities to keep you occupied, Twinkl and Classroom Secrets are my favourites, but there are so many to choose from.


I have been doing Joe Wicks PE lesson with my family, a great way to keep fit and start the day with a smile, 9am on YouTube just search for 'Joe Wicks' he has children from all around the world following it's great fun.  Also remember the BBC Super movers website, they have lots of active ideas to help you learn as you stay fit.


I am putting together some lovely learning ideas for next week, I will have them uploaded by Sunday.  In the mean time, be safe and enjoy some quality time with your families.




Mrs Reid