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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Mr. Linden's Library

Year 5 have been using a book called 'The Mysteries of Harris Burdick' as a writing stimulus this half term. It is a book that contains black and white images where children are given an opening sentence and they have to complete the story. We hope you enjoy Molly's story...Mr. Linden's Library:


He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late.

Earlier that day, Lucy was walking down to the old library of Mr. Linden. She felt like she'd been walking for an eternity. Finally, Lucy reached an old oak door. Cautiously, she pushed open the ornate, heavy door to the wacky and wild venue. Lucy entered.

She was now in Mr. Linden's giant emporium of leather-bound books. Shelf upon shelf full of weird but wonderful hardback books. It was as if she had taken a step back in time. Lucy entered a shadowy area where she saw a short fellow, only 3 feet tall. He had barely visible wispy grey unkempt hair and half moon glasses. Lucy was intrigued bu an area signposted'Forbidden'! Mr. Linden explained that she must never take a book from this aisle.

She had fallen in love with a vintage book with an ornately decorated cover. Her eyes were drawn to the beautiful book and she just couldn't look away. She was so tempted to take the majestic script home with her. She decided to sneak the book out of the library.

On the way back home, her body overflowed with guilt as the moon rose from the horizon. She got back home and snuggled under her Egyptian cotton duvet. One short peak wouldn't hurt, would it? The bedside light flickered eerily as she traced her finger over the embossed title of the book. As she opened the book, thorny vines eminated out from their parchment prison. One small prick sent Lucy into a deep slumber... 

A lesson in self defence

On Wednesday Sensei Lisa visited Newburn Manor to teach us how to use karate for self defence. Year 5 had a 45 minute session where we learnt to block, punch and kick. We had great fun, especially when we had to kiai - a loud shout when performing our activities.


Take One Picture - Art Week
This is Newburn Manor's first year using the Take One Picture project from the National Gallery. Year 5 have studied the painting 'A Roman Triumph' by Peter Paul Rubens, looking in depth at all of the different aspects that make up the painting. We decided to focus on the monuments and architecture in the background. Although we liked the painters work, we wanted to make it more relevant to us so we looked at the architecture around Newcastle...Newcastle's triumphs! 

Shards of Newcastle

We have called our final piece project 'Shards of Newcastle'. We took four buildings that showed pattern and design that really sang to us. We then took a viewfinder and concentrated on areas on interest. the children used pastels, paints, graphite crayons and textiles to produce four patterns. Once we had completed the four individual segments we sliced them up into shards of colour to produce some fantastic final pieces that we hope to exhibit at school. 

Mayan Masks

As part of the work year 5 have been doing on the rain forest the children have been studying the Maya civilization. They have been making some masks and headdresses in the style of the Maya.

Amazing Amazonian Homework

I would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents who helped their children produce some outstanding rainforest models as part of their homework this half term. We are proudly displaying them in the classroom. Every visitor has commented on how amazing they look. Thanks again, your support is invaluable.

Why is the rainforest so important to us?

We have been studying the Amazonian rainforest this half term. To make us feel like we have been on a South American field trip, we have turned the ceiling of our classroom into a rainforest canopy containing beautiful butterflies. As part of our studies, we have looked at the artist Henri Rousseau. We hope you enjoy our take on his famous painting...Tiger in a tropical storm.

Snow, Snow and a Little More Snow

We woke up to a covering of snow today and we sit here now with more heavy snowfall. The children deserve a huge pat on the back as they haven't let the weather dampen their spirits. Everybody gave the climbing wall a good crack, with some of the really confident climbers making it to the top of the tower. On the low ropes course we set ourselves challenges, making sure we were safe using our spotters. In the afternoon, we had the oportunity to experience archery and create towers on the crate stack activity. The snow means we are going to spend a cosy last night inside. See you all tomorrow ... time for tuck shop and a DVD.

Woke up to crystal blue sky and a sprinkle of snow

If you go down to the woods today ...

Another absolutely fantastic day here at Hawkhirst! Day 3 has brought a little more snow but also brought us Jay ... our Year 5 family was complete. Today has been a Forest School day run by our resident expert Mr Vyle. We started out buiding shelters to ensure we were safe from the indifferent weather ... good job we did this! The day was full of amazing use of crafts and skills. We have made pewter medallions, parachute cord bracelets and further enhanced our whittling skills. A group of children cooked the group an outdoor meal ... vegetarian spaghetti bolognese and we finished the day's festivities with campfire chocolate orange cakes. We're all looking forward to another day of centre activities tomorrow ... enjoy the pictures. 

Wave Goodbye to Bell Boating

Day 2 comes to an end. The morning began with a full English followed by our bell boating session. We gave it our best go but strong winds and waves meant we had to abandon ship ... literally! Plan B saw us orienteering through the forest ... some of us orienteering through boggy streams and almost losing our shoes. The afternoon took us on our first adventure up the tower. We split into 2 groups, where we either abseiled or zip wired before swapping over. After apple crumble and custard we ventured back out into the forest. We enjoyed making wooden mallets, starting fires and cooking campfire nachos. We are now exhausted and looking forward to a good night's sleep. The adventures will continue tomorrow.

All Hail Kielder

Our first day is coming to an end. We've had every weather possible ... sunshine, rain, wind, hail and snow. After our winding journey through Northumberland, we spent time at Bellingham Heritage Centre learning about the history of the local area. Once we arrived at the centre and made our beds (some more successfully than others) we ventured into the forest where we whittled tent pegs, billhooked some tinder, roasted mashmallows and had forest communion time in the hammocks. What will tomorrow bring ...?


We Are Warriors!

What a fantastic day! On Friday 22nd April, the Scottish Opera came to Newburn to work with Year 5. We have been learning the songs from the opera Warriors!  The team taught the pupils how to act and dance to the whole production -  all done in just 1 hour 45 minutes. In the afternoon we performed to the school and then to our parents. We had a fabulous time, it is one of, if not the best thing we have ever performed and can't wait to work with the Scottish Opera again. We would like to say a massive thanks to whole team for their professional support and getting us all hooked on opera.


Can we also say thank you to all the parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents that came to watch. It was a fabulous turn out and really helped the children put on a great show.

Happy Easter and a huge THANK YOU

Once again the decorate an egg competition has been a massive success. We hope you enjoy looking at the fabulous eggs Year 5 produced. Happy Easter from all of Year 5 and thank you to all the parents who helped out. Enjoy the break ... don't eat too much chocolate!

Open the Book ... the Story of Easter

On Tuesday 22nd March Newburn parish came to Newburn Manor to present "Open the Book" - stories from the Bible to help explain the Easter story. We visited 4 different stations around the school, with each station explaining a different aspect of the story ...

Station 1  was "The great Parade" Palm Sunday
Station 2 told the story of "An important Meal" The Last supper
Station 3 was "A Dreadful Day" Good Friday - Crucifixion
Station 4 explained " A Happy Day" Resurrection

Roger makes us warriors

Roger Glass from the Scottish Opera visited Newburn Manor to help Year 5 with the songs from our upcoming performance of the Warriors Opera. We all had an amazing time ... Roger was fantastic. He helped us all feel more confident in our roles and it was nice to hear the hall piano being played with such skill and enthusiasm ... thanks Roger, we now feel like warriors.

The Gorgon's Lair

We have been studying Anthony Horowitz's version of Perseus and Medusa called 'The Gorgon's Head'. After watching a BBC video clip we produced our own retelling of the story. Here is Sam's, it's a great read ... enjoy.


Huge cliff edges towered above Perseus as he crept past the isolated victims of Medusa. It was like these stone cold warriors were captured in the last second of their lives. As he drew nearer to the mouth of the cave, a sweet but poisonous aroma intoxicated Perseus. The yawning mouth to the cave was calling Perseus in to fulfil his destiny.

The semi-gloom of the cave was broken by his reflective golden shield. His foot crunched on the mountain of bones left by Medusa - he must avenge these poor souls, he must defeat Medusa. Perseus called, "Medusa" ... a disturbing cackle called back. As Medusa slithered forward, Perseus felt his heart thumping like a bass drum. Tempted to look at Medusa, Perseus forced his head to look away and, with one powerful blow, he decapitated the gorgon. Still with his eyes sealed, he picked up the head and left the horrific landscape.


A Pinch of Salt

In Science we have been learning about changing state. For the last three weeks, we have been working in companies and solving investigations set by scientists and specialists from places such as Tyneside Road Agency and Salt Solutions Ltd. The final part of our company work required us to refine rock salt to produce pure salt. Using scientific processes such as crushing, dissolving, filtering and evaporation, we produced our own pure salt - just enough to put on some chips to help keep us going.

The Amazing Corey Barksdale

Atlanta artist Corey Barksdale was born in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. He uses colour to express his creative representations of daily life. We used his style to produce colourful versions of well known USA landmarks. They include our giant Statue of Liberty where everyone took a panel to produce the superb final piece.


We designed, we made, we conquered ...

The final part to our deli sandwich topic was the making and eating. Following our taste and research session, pupils designed and named their own concoctions. The final sandwiches were amazingly tasty and large ... we didn't need any tea once we got home.

Remember to be safe online!

We have been learning how to keep safe when we are using our computers, phones and games consoles. Mr Cochrane visited and taught us to use the SMART rules ... why not ask your child what the SMART rules stand for and use them as part of online discussions.

A Little Bit of Rap ... A Little of Grime!

We love our music in Year 5. This half term we are looking at rap and grime. We have enjoyed and reviewed music by Dizzy Rascal and Johann Strauss but our main study and performance has been around the track 'Stop Bullying'. Before every session we learn how to get our bodies and voices prepared through movement and means we are always ready for a little rap battle!


Hoops 4 Health

Year 5 spent the whole day at Sports Central, the home of the Newcastle Eagles. We had three teams taking part in the Hoops 4 Health basketball competition. All teams performed well, demonstrating great teamwork and impeccable sportsmanship. In the morning the whole Newcastle Eagles team came down for a photo opportunity and to watch some of the games before their own cup final.

The American Deli Sandwich

As part of our topic on 'What's so good about the USA?', we have decided to take a look at their cuisine. After thinking about the different types of food we could taste and make, we settled on the 'Deli Sandwich'. They have some weird and wonderful concoctions on the other side of the Atlantic and their names can be very 'funky'. We have had a tasting session including breads, meats and extras...we can't wait to design, name and make our very own culinary inventions.  

Anyone for a game of Quicksticks

This week Mrs. Marshall has reintroduced us to Quicksticks. She was really impressed with what we had remembered...we could have some future hockey players in our ranks.



In our science topic 'Can you feel the force?' we have been learning about friction, focussing on water resistance and air resistance. This week we have been testing whether the size of a parachute determines how quickly it falls to the ground. From our experiment we found out that a larger parachute falls more slowly due to the amount of air resistance.


Be safe on the roads

This week Year 5 were visited by Newcastle Road Safety Team, spending the afternoon learning how to be safer pedestrians. We learnt the Green Cross Code...THINK, STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, the six safest places to cross the road (including zebra crossings, subways, bridges, traffic islands, pelican crossings and puffin crossings) and how to cross safely between parked cars - BUT only as a last resort and following the important rules we were taught. We all now feel much safer when out and about around Newburn and Newcastle.

Jump to it!

Mrs. Marshall has been helping us to prepare for the Sports Hall Athletics competition. We have some great athletes and are hoping for a good haul of gold medals.

A visit from Buddy

The NSPCC visited our school this week and introduced us to 'Buddy'- the mascot for Childline. We learnt about what we can do if we need help as children. We looked at different scenarios and had to say whether Buddy would say yes or no. It was really helpful and we now know that we need to talk to trusted adults if we feel unsafe or afraid.

Happy 125th birthday Newburn Manor


This year our school celebrates its 125th birthday. In 1890 the Duke of Northumberland provided the land for the school to be built. Since then it has gone from strength to strength. On Friday 20th November we had a Victorian school day celebrate this event. The day began with each pupil being given a Victorian name that they would use all day. The children were impeccably behaved, desks in rows and strict teachers appeared to do the trick. We were also lucky enough to have a visit from the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. It was a fantastic day and one the children won't forget in a hurry.

Match Day Report

Still image for this video

Rocket Day

Still image for this video
Year 5 have been looking at different types of propulsion. Here are a few that we experimented with.

Under a moonlit sky

Metaphors and similes have helped us to describe many different aspects of the Moon in our recent poetry topic. Why not ask your children what the difference between the two different techniques is. It has helped us write some beautifully descriptive poems - here are four for you to have a read through from Georgia, Savannah, Sam and Hazel.

If you go down to the woods today ...

Children from year 5 have worked with Mr Vyle and Don in Walbottle Dene. They worked hard to complete various tasks.

Mission to find out facts

We have been using the iPads to research the planets of the Solar System. Our first mission was to find out 10 cool facts about a planet of our choice. Once we had collected our planet facts we used Pic Collage to present our work as a fact file. Here a few for you to look at ...

To infinity and beyond

Our topic this term is based around the Solar System. We have been on a journey to outer space ... as part of our journey we designed space helmets or goggles as our homework task. I'm sure you'll agree they look fantastic ... a huge thanks for all the hard work put in at home.