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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

We hope you enjoy keeping up to date with all of the great things we will be getting to grips with during our time in Year 5.

Maya Masks

Ms. Wall has been working with year 5 to produce some Maya artefacts; here are some masks that they have unearthed

Pi Art using the outdoor area at school

Night at Pere Lachaise - Thomas - What a great read!


The delectable Parisian landscape stretched out in front of me. Beautiful city lights were like a blanket of stars that had fallen from the sky.  Delicate, velvety clouds decorated the night sky. A romantic glow (which illuminated the city of Paris) radiated from the stunning Eiffel Tower. Sat elegantly in the night sky, a majestic marble looked down over the city. Pastel lit windows twinkled to the heartbeat of the city. The beautiful city of was not as normal as it looked.

I found myself feeling small and alone under the towering entrance of Pere Lachaise. Anxiety permeated my body as I took my first steps into the unknown world of sleeping souls. I was tempted to leave. However, curiosity got the better of me as I explored my undiscovered network of paths. The sound of my heavy footsteps chimed off the cobbled path. Standing at the top of a seemingly endless flight of steps, a spine chilling breeze covered my cheeks. Making my way down the flight of steps, the stone grey moon cast elongated shadows on the undulating path. finally I had reached my destination for the night. the tomb I was standing in front of was covered in complex patterns. soon the diamond moonlight highlighted the name carved into the grave...Alan Rickman

3SIXTY Thrills


What a morning! The fantastic riders from the 3SIXTY bike stunt team amazed us with their phenomenal tricks during their performance to the whole school. Year 5 then got to spend some time with Bret and Ian learning some balance skills. The children have shown great interest in becoming stunt riders...remember 3SIXTY are professionals but you can practise the skills on the grass. Maybe in 3 years time some of children will be breaking records across the world.



Kate Fullen from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service visited Year 5 this week to discuss fire safety. It was hard hitting but really to the message over. If you are ever in a house fire yourselves, remember the important rule:

Shout FIRE (Not help)

CLOSE the doors

GET OUT of the house (if you can)



Hygiene and Me


On Monday Melanie and Carly (School Health Advisors) came into to discuss how and why we need to keep ourselves clean. We learned about having a proper cleaning schedule - it is important to wash well twice a day (wash/bath/shower) ensuring your face, nails and body are thoroughly clean. We also found out that is important o make sure your hair is washed 2 or 3 times a eek o make sure we are  clean and fresh.

Even more amazing cricket


This week we got the opportunity to push and develop our cricket skills even further. Following our session with Mr Brown from Walbottle Campus, Mrs Marshall came to work with us. We developed our bowling skills this week. Our confidence was sky high so Mrs Marshall introduced overarm bowling, we have some real stars in the class and the accuracy was great. By the end of the session we were using all the skills we have learned and put them together to have mini batting, fielding and bowling groups games. Mrs Marshall was incredibly impressed with our support, enthusiasm and desire to improve. we can't wait to play some more cricket next week.

The Rainforest Flourishes


Miss Wall has been continuing her in depth studies on the Amazonian Rainforest. As part of the topic Year 5 have been researching the diverse animal kingdom that survives in these amazing places. They have been having great fun producing detailed fact files on chosen animals to share with their classmates. Here are just a few...



Today we had Mr Brown and Mr Draper from Walbottle Campus come down and teach us some cricket skills. Unfortunately the awful weather meant we had to use the hall rather make use of the outdoors. We had a superb time showing off our sills using the floor ladders, Mr Brown was impressed with the range of movements we used straight away. We improved our throwing and catching skills and Mr Brown introduced us to some really exciting ways to help develop our movement alongside throwing and catching. It was great to see the children able to develop games and introduce their own rules to make them trickier so they had to push their skill levels up.

Kielder Oscars Assembly 2017


Today Year 5 held their second whole school assembly of the year. The children wrote and devised the performance themselves and really shone in front of their parents and the rest of the school. They choose some of the most memorable times they'd had and put it into an Oscars style ceremony. The categories they settled on were the bravest moment, scariest moment, funniest moment, most supportive member and the absolute star award. The children held a class vote so no one would know who the eventual winners were.



Introduced and held together by Wes and Lela (our fabulous hosts for the morning) the assembly was a total success. We have uploaded the short film we ended the assembly with for your enjoyment. Thanks to all parents and grandparents that dropped in to celebrate with us.


Kielder 2017 Video

Another great 'Come and See'


Come and See swapped to a Tuesday for the first half of the summer term. In the morning we had a number of parents helping us out with our layers of the rainforest poetry. We used our detailed research from the previous week to help us prepare for our own poems. After break, we used the ipads to research negative and positive integers with a real life context. It was great having our parents helping out when we had to place them on our own number lines. Thanks to all the parents and grandparents for coming in a sharing the morning with us. We hope to see you all again and hope to see some new faces too next half term.

My First Rainforest Experience


We have enjoyed writing about our imaginary field trip to the Amazonian Rainforest. Enjoy the picture Simmy put in our heads with our first piece of writing...


We were woken by the irritating calls of the howler monkeys. It had been a sleep deprived I had sympathy for insomniacs. Mary boiled some water we had fetched yesterday. The lovely aroma of tea filled my nostrils giving me a sense of home. I didn't know why I was feeling blue, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

After devouring our breakfast, we ventured out into the wonders of the rainforest. Th sunrays pierced through the entwined branches of emerald green trees. A Corpse Plant filled my nostrils with a putrid stench. A few minutes later, we reached a clearing in the Amazonian vegetation. A thunderous but majestic waterfall cascaded over a mossy, vine covered precipice. The white silk dress of the waterfall plunged into the waters below. The mist was caressing my face, the cool water saving me from the heat and humidity.

At approximately three o'clock, the heat was unbelievable. Then, in the distance, was an oasis with a diverse range of gorgeous butterflies. It was a wondrous kaleidoscope of colour.

By now, the pearlescent moon illuminated the path whilst highlighting the silhouettes of trees. Following the meandering path, we suddenly froze to the spot. There, perched in the middle of our way, was a blood thirsty jaguar. You could tell he was hungry. Carefully, making very little movement, we turned and went along a different route.

Having walked through the forest for hours, it was amazing to be back at camp. After exchanging stories and eating our tea, it was time for bed. Laying back in my hammock, the noise echoed around me. However, after our long adventure, I was certain tonight would be one of sleep and not noisy nightmares.

Ruinous Roman Numerals

After last week's success with the Maya numbering system class 5  had a look at the roman number system. Finding the value of the numerals was much harder without the zero that the Maya's system had.

How did the Maya do it?


Whilst Mr Pickup helps Year 6 because of SATS week, Mr vyle has been introducing us to the Maya civilisation. It has been a really interesting start to the topic. They don't use numbers like we do, they used a base 20 system using units, fives and zeros. They were represented using stones, sticks and shells. Today we used the symbols to complete some funky Maya maths.

Please click on the link to the trips and visits page on the school website for more photos from this year's trip to Hawkhirst.

Kielder 2017 - Day 5 - We hug the trees goodbye


What a fantastic week we have had. We spent our last morning packing up all of our equipment at base camp. We still had time to paint some of our amazing pots made from Kielder clay and fired in Mr Vyle's amazing Thursday night fire, as well as hand make and cook some kofta kebabs over the open fire. At the end of a really inspiring week, we each gave a tree a hug and thanked the forest for a very memorable experience.

Kielder 2017 - Day 4 - 'Ropey Targets'


Our last full day at Kielder! The time  has flown by...we have been having so much fun. Archery has been a traditional fixture on the Hawkhirst trip but this year we got to try something totally new...Tomahawk throwing! It has been a great experience and who wouldn't enjoy throwing axes at wooden targets. This afternoon we have enjoyed developing our team building skills on the low ropes as well as going over the top of the tower during abseiling. We rounded the day off with a night around the campfire making chocolate eclairs and enjoying some spooky stories and jokes. We can't believe tomorrow is our last day.

Kielder 2017 - Day 3 - Facing Fears


For once the weather was on our side. It may have been a little windy but at least we stayed dry...apart from when we were in the boats of course. The children powered their way across the reservoir in morning showing great skill and resilience as the wind got a little stronger on the way out. A number of the class took the jumping off the jetty option. From their reactions, it was clear the water was colder than they imagined it would be. This afternoon we have zip wired our way through the forest and climbed the tower...we have a few spidergirl and spiderman superheroes in our ranks. We have finished off another fabulous day with an evening walk to Leaplish to play in the adventure park and soak up the story of the 'White Lady'.  

Kielder 2017 - Day 2 - primitive creators


Today we ventured into the forest for a day of being at one with nature. Whether the children chose to whittle, cook on the campfire, make their own wooden tools or build dens everyone had a successful time. It was great to see some of the quieter members of the class at the forefront of our successes. Year 5 have the skills to thrive and survive in the forest. They could write home by using their own handmade charcoal pencils, entice visitors with campfire nachos or just have a good giggle with a session of bog jumping and mud racing. All parents will be glad to hear that the weather has been anything from the sublime to the's a good job we have a dry room.

Mud Race

Still image for this video

Jumping Joe

Still image for this video

Kielder 2017 - Day 1 - Year 5 enter the wilderness


What a fabulous first day we have had. On arrival, the weather was amazing. Blue skies and sunshine welcomed us into the forest so we could set up our base camp. After enjoying our packed lunches, we walked down to see Ray at the Bird of Prey Centre. As always, Ray was a brilliant host and we got to see the birds fly as well as feed an owl, a hawk and a peregrine falcon. On the way back home the weather changed to a full blown snow storm. This evening we began our forest school skill development. We will follow this up tomorrow with a full day of forest activities.

'Choco Choco Latte'


Mr Vyle has been an absolute star in getting the class ready for the annual Easter hat and tie parade. It was a very proud moment seeing them pull off their fantastic dance moves...stars of the show! We will do our best to upload the video of the whole dance. While we do, here are some stills of the children thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Homework continues to impress everyone


This is the third half term of our bingo style homework and it's great to see the children still going above and beyond to further their learning. We have had lots of fantastic models, superb canvas art of Sycamore Gap, as well as crazy mythical creatures and funky facts about myths and legends. Thank you for all of your time and support, it really is making a difference.

Don't they look tasty


What a fantastic morning we all had with Sandra in the kitchen. Using the mixing equipment, we managed to produce a lovely dough for our biscuits. It was great fun rolling and squeezing the dough in our hands before choosing the luxury toppings. Smarties and chocolate chips were the clear winners. However, by the end of the session a lot more of us were incorporating mixed fruit and ginger into our final biscuits.

Oh Crumbs!


Year 5 can't wait to work with Sandra in the kitchen next week...we are going to make our very own biscuits! Before the practical process begins we have been thinking about 'What makes a biscuit?', 'When do we eat biscuits?' and a class dividing question 'Is a Jaffa Cake a biscuit?' Today we looked at evaluating a product. We chose 8 different styles of biscuit and evaluated its appearance, its taste and then gave each one a rating out of 10. Following this, we calculated the average score for each biscuit to show which one was the overall class winner. Year 5 voted for...shortbread fingers!

Which would be your winner?

Ritz Crackers



Custard Creams

Shortbread Fingers


Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ginger Nuts

Come and See - March


Today we had another extremely successful open morning. Many of our parents and grandparents came along and joined in our English and DT lessons. Thank you to everyone who visited us, the children always thoroughly enjoy working alongside their family. I apologise to all our visitors from the English lesson, I forgot to get the camera out early enough.

RND 2017


Thanks for all of the generous donations today, the children look great in their red noses...

Kielder Kit List 2017

Thank you to all that came along to Kielder meeting last night. I know a number of parents couldn't make the time slot so I have sent a kit list home with each child as well as posting it here on our class page...


  • Jumpers or sweatshirts (approx. 1 per day)

  • T-shirts or polo shirts (at least 1 per day)

  • Trousers (approx. 1 per day – not jeans)

  • Underwear & socks

  • Slippers (indoors)

  • Nightwear

  • Hike boots or strong shoes

  • Training shoes

  • Hat

  • Gloves

  • Spare training shoes or wellies for water activities

  • Waterproof jacket with hood (essential)

  • Waterproof trousers (essential)

  • Sun hat, sun cream & sun glasses

  • Towel

  • Torch (optional)

  • Wash kit - shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Day bag & plastic drinks bottle / container

  • Up to £5 spending money

  • Disposable camera

  • Packed lunch for the first day


It's all gone 3D


In geometry we have started to look at 3D shapes. We began by looking at their properties and being able to visualise what each shape's features were. By the end of the week we have started to get a real hang of not just being able to state the number of faces a shape has but also adding extra information...the shapes of each face. Here are some pictures of us making 3D shapes using art straws. Why not check your child's knowledge and understanding by asking them the names of the shapes they have been working with and what properties each one has. I think they'll impress you.

British Heart Foundation - Spring Into Action


In our weekly family session this week, we joined in the British Heart Foundation's Jump Rope For Heart scheme. We got the whole school active at assembly and playtime through skipping. It was a great way to get the whole school involved and it's always nice to see the older and younger children mixing and working together on a set of activities. Here are a few photos of members of class taking part in our very own skip-a-thon.

ART WEEK - Day 5 - Contrasting Newburn


It is the final day of our superb art week. Year 5 have learned so much about shades and tones and produced a fantastic range of completed art tasks. We couldn't believe how much we could do focusing on the colour blue and the cold nature of the colour. As it was our final day, we used the cold blue and warm red contrast colours and applied it to the actual school building. Taking two photographs of the school, we produced our own 3D pictures, making them a little more abstract than the actual photographs. Using oil pastels or watercolour pencils, we produced our surreal take on Blue/Red Newburn. 

ART WEEK - Day 4 - Scenes Complete, watch out for the rainfall 


Today we completed our amazing cold blue and hot warm shades of red seascapes. The finished pieces look fantastic. We can't wait to exhibit them around school as we are extremely proud of them. Having completed this element of art week, we are going to take our contrasts in colour and apply them to our school location. Call back tomorrow to see the direction we took.

In the afternoon, Miss Wall took over proceedings. She allowed Year 5 to look at the different blues you associate with raindrops. Using paints, oil pastels, paints, felt tips pens and collage work, the children each completed at least 9 raindrops each, which in turn produced a fantastic 'raindrop wave' for Year 5 to show off the in end of art week exhibition.

ART WEEK - Day 3 - Chilly Seas and Toasty Skies


Day 3 sees us carrying on our development of colour mixing skills. The class are well on the way to finishing their cold and warm colour contrast sea scenes. We have refocused our attention on using different shades of blue and red as well as blending in other cold and warm colours to help each part of our painting to stand out. We have completed the majority of the painting aspect and will now turn to pens to add and any further detail we require. Tomorrow we hope to begin work on or Newburn Manor colour contrast work, using pastels, pencils and pen work.

ART WEEK - Day 2 - Contrasts and Brollies 


Today was a great day for creativity. In the morning we continued with our work on the contrast between cold blues and hot reds. We looked at some sea and sky scenes and used them as inspiration for cold waters and hot suns. Hopefully we will be able to show some of our finished pieces tomorrow. In the afternoon, Mr Vyle worked with Year 5 on designing and creating mini umbrellas - including building their own wire frames. The children worked extremely hard with fantastic results. They were so good Mrs Gill felt like she had to try one as a fashion accessory....

ART WEEK - Day 1 - Feeling Blue


This year we are using Renoir's Umbrellas as a stimulus. In Year 5, we have looked at the predominant Today we discussed what the different types of blues mean to us individually and what types of mood they evoke. Having discussed these aspects of the colour blue, we became mixing experts, using different shades of blue to produce our own paint store style strips. Alongside the strips we invented our very own names, just like they have in all of the famous DIY shops. Not wanting the day the be all about the cold blues, we also looked at the contrast colours...reds. We repeated the same tasks and recorded them on individual sheets in preparation for more contrast colour work tomorrow. The children especially enjoyed naming their shades of blue and red...they really were creative:


Autumn Rain - Mya

Loneliness - Dominika

Dark Puddle - Kelsey

Summer Water - Wesley


Scattered Blossom - Holly

Pepper Mist - Lauren

Pastel Surprise - Olivia

Sweet Chilli - Brooke

World Book Day 2017


Thank you to all of our parents who helped their children with their amazing World Book Day costumes. We had a fabulous day hearing our teachers' favourite stories and poems...

The Gorgon's Lair


In the second half of the spring term we will be looking at some myths and legends. It is our first week back and we have been learning about Perseus and Medusa. As well as the traditional  Greek myth, we have also taken inspiration from the Anthony Horowitz adaptation of the story. Enjoy Joe and Thomas' own take on the tale of the Gorgon's Lair...


Joe's - The Gorgon's Lair

As Perseus crept alongside the immortalised stone warriors, he feared that he was going to be the next victim. The gnarled walls of the ravine towered over him, a carpet of mist hung above the ground. Uneasiness started to fill every inch of his body, he had to get a grip of himself.  Anxiety shot through his body. As he stepped closer and closer to the cavern, he knew there was now, no turning back. Eventually, he came to the yawning mouth of the cave. Perseus felt his heart getting louder and louder.


Cautiously, he took his first steps into the unnerving cavern, the stench of congealed blood oozed from every corner. Suddenly, something sinister was moving in the caverns' shadows. A spine chilling silhouette stepped out from the dim light.


Gazing into his shiny reflective shield, poisonous, blood red eyes came into view. Medusa had hideous skin, razor sharp teeth and snakes for hair. The evil serpents oscillated above her head filing the cave with an awful din. Medusa let out an uneasy whisper "Look at me!" Would temptation get the better of Perseus? He cried out "NO!". He struck his sword against her neck, a fountain of blood sprayed against his face. The sound of the flesh made him quiver. Bending down, he placed his trophy into a leather sack. Perseus felt triumphant!


Thomas' - The Gorgon's Lair

As he crept past the lifeless stone people, he feared he would become one of the moss-covered warriors decorating his unnerving surroundings. The melancholy sky flew above Perseus as he advanced towards his unsuspecting victim. Mist blanketed the rocky path. the sheer walls of the ravine towered over him, causing claustrophobia to flood his body. The aroma of decomposing vegetation filled the gorge. . The sound of his own footsteps braking the eerie silence. Suddenly, the mouth of the cave came into view. There was no going back.


The mouth of the cave yawned darkly at him. He knew he had to go forwards. Cautiously, he entered the dark abyss. Water percolated through the cavern roof, the sound adding to the tension. Then, an unnerving silhouette appeared from out of the shadows. Remembering what Athena had told him, he quickly looked down at his polished, brass shield. Out of nowhere, two blood red eyes appeared on the shield. This was followed by yellowing teeth and horrific, olive green skin. Small serpents oscillated above her head. Medusa hissed "Look at me!" Despite the gorgon's power, with one mighty blow, he chopped her head off and quickly put it in a leather bag. He left the cave beaming with joy, knowing Medusa could do no harm again. Or could she?


Not bad for two first drafts!

Fun, Learn, Safety, Respect...Curling

What a great way to end the first spring half term. Mr Turner from Premier Sports came in to give us a taster session in the sport of curling. We had to abide by the 'Fun Agreement' which meant we had fun and learned at the same time as showing respect and performing in a safe manner. We had a great time with the Blue team coming out winners, scoring 8 winning stones to the Red team's 6.

Uninvited Guests

Our CSI Newburn topic is coming to an end. We have learned so many new skills, but nothing gets us hooked like a good story. This week, we took our first look at 'The Mysteries of Harris Burdick'. The books starts with...

I first saw the drawings in this book a year ago, in the home of a man named Peter Wenders. Though Mr. Wenders is retired now, he once worked for a children’s book publisher, choosing the stories and pictures that would be turned into books. Thirty years ago a man called at Peter Wenders’s office, introducing himself as Harris Burdick. Mr. Burdick explained that he had written fourteen stories and had drawn many pictures for each one. He’d brought with him just one drawing from each story, to see if Mr. Wenders liked his work. Peter Wenders was fascinated by the drawings. He told Burdick he would like to read the stories that went with them as soon as possible. The artist agreed to bring the stories the next morning. He left the fourteen drawings with Wenders. But he did not return the next day. Or the day after that. Harris Burdick was never heard from again. Over the years, Wenders tried to find out who Burdick was and what had happened to him, but he discovered nothing. To this day Harris Burdick remains a complete mystery.

We have used 'Uninvited Guests' as our stimulus...


Here is Joe's take on the picture:


His heart was pounding. He was sure he had seen the door knob turn. As Mr Pennyworth descended the undulating staircase, he was disturbed by the eerie silence that encompassed the room. Pennyworth wrapped his hand around the warped banister and his knuckles started to whiten. Concealed by dust, an antique rug stood forlornly in the corner of the cellar. Mr Pennyworth thought this may be a good time to leave but intrigue and curiosity had got the better of him.


 The late evening light was desperately trying to illuminate the semi-gloom. Suspiciously, Pennyworth noticed the doer knob turn for a second time. Suddenly, the old records player turned on and started to play. What made this more sinister was it worked for a considerably long time. Then, from out of nowhere, a deathly voice whispered.

The Amazing Homework Continues...

This term has seen us continue the 'Bingo' style homework and the results have been fantastic. The children clearly love the new format as we are seeing a variety of completed tasks and significantly more pieces being brought in. Take a look at some of the great work produced at home this half term.

Our 'Corey' Heads

This week we completed the artwork we started during or 'Come and See' morning with the parents. We used our own heads to produce artwork in the style of Corey Barksdale. They now take pride of place in our classroom and the Year 5 cloakroom. See if you can guess who is who from the pictures below...we think they look remarkably similar to the photos we took.

'Hooded Claw' takes over our lessons...unless we solve the challenge!

The Hooded Claw took over our maths lesson today! He set us a challenging coordinates and symmetry investigation that pushed us and made us apply all our skills form earlier in the week. He had forced Mr. Pickup to do some terribly boring and hard lessons unless we stopped his plot by completing all three parts to the challenge. Luckily, we manged to foil him by confidently using our maths skills and providing feedback using the correct terminology. It was great to see so many different pairs being successful and remembering that in investigations there isn't just one correct way of getting the answer.

Yellowstone or Yosemite

What are National Parks and why are they so important? We asked ourselves this question in geography. The USA has some amazing National Parks but we focussed on Yellowstone and Yosemite. We researched one of the parks in pairs and then prepared a talk to give to another pair in class. We could only use 5 words and the rest of the information had to be represented by symbols and diagrams. When we fed back to the class at the end of the session we had to report on the National Park we hadn’t researched ourselves, meaning we now know lots of amazing facts about both Yellowstone and Yosemite. We’ll try to talk Mrs Mcfadyen into letting us go over on a field trip but we’re not sure we can be THAT persuasive.

Wow! What a turn out!

Back in November we had a superb turn out of parents at our 'Come and see' morning...we have just beaten our record! Today we had 12 parents visit us to take part in our art and geography sessions. Can we say thank you so much for coming and supporting us in such good numbers, the children absolutely love it when their parents come in. We hope to see you all again next half term for further sessions in another set of different subjects.

Landscapes but not as we know them

We are having a great time learning about the USA in our topic 'What's so special about the USA?' We have started to look at the art of American artist Corey Barksdale to link in with our geography topic. Corey was born in Nashville, Tennessee and expresses himself using vibrant colours and patterns. Our first piece of work looked at replicating his style and colour use. Using famous American landscape outlines we have developed our use of oil pastels and pattern work. Stay tuned for further Corey Barksdale art developments.


We've been on an adventure with a short story by Pie Corbett called Kidnapped. After reading and analysing the story we produced storyboards before completing our very own retelling of the story. We hope you enjoy reading a few of our story openings...



Somebody was slowly coming up the stairs. Each step the figure took the floorboards creaked. I slid under a dusty, broken bed. Without warning, the door screeched open and the eerie silence that had clouded the room was instantly broken. The person was holding something...a knife? An axe? It was a torch. It flickered on and nosed into every corner. The atmosphere was tense. Between the bed and figure, the gap felt like it was shortening. A small distance away was the door, it looked like the mysterious person was about to exit. He turned the torch off and listened. Then she carried on down the stairs.



Somebody was creeping up the stairs. Behind the crate, my thumping heartbeat was going to give me away. Anxiety filled my body. There was an unexpected silence. Then, with each footstep the person took, the stairs seemed to moan in sadness. A beam of moonlight stabbed the darkness and an eerie atmosphere encompassed the room. The doorknob turned. Gradually, it opened. A torch flickered on. The beam of light nosed into every corner. I crouched down, motionless. Behind the crate I was trying to be as quiet as I could, nervously trying not to move. The torch turned off. They stood there listening...



Somebody was creeping up the stairs. On one side of the door it was calm, whilst on this side I was trying to make myself as small as possible. Behind the crate, I was starting to feel claustrophobic. Unexpectedly, the door opened. A torch flickered on. It felt as if my heart was in my mouth. The torch swallowed the shadows. Particles of dust were strangling me, the tension was rising...I couldn't cough. With every second that went by, I could hear the stranger let out every rasping breath. Out of nowhere there was a loud scream and it caught his attention. He walked to the other side of the room...

Testing Materials - reversible and irreversible changes

This term year 5 have been looking at different materials. We have undertaken some experiments to see what happens when you mix two reactants, here are our results;  

Merry Christmas from all of Year 5

This afternoon was the Year 4, 5 and 6 Christmas party. We had an amazing time playing games, dancing and of course eating a great deal of party food - thank you to all the parents for your kind donations, they went down a storm. Santa visited the classroom whilst we were in the hall leaving us all a kind gift. It has been a fantastic first term together and I'm sure next term will be even better. From everyone in Year 5, we hope you have a fabulous Christmas and New Year...see you all in 2017!

Rockin' Newburn Christmas

We love our annual visit from the Hot Shots band. Georgina and her amazing band treated us to a variety of songs from Abba, a Christmas medley, heavy rock and ending with a real Christmas favourite 'Merry Xmas Everybody. It really got everybody in the mood for the Year 5 Christmas party in the afternoon...I'm surprised some of us had any energy left.

Head Bangers.mp4

Still image for this video

Inspirational...The Christmas Truce

Over the last couple of weeks we have been studying The Best Christmas Present in the World by Michael Morpurgo. It is a fantastic book and had us hooked from the first page to the emotional end. We highly recommend it as a family read over the festive period.

The middle of the story focuses on the Christmas truce of 1914. Using it as a focus we have been writing our own description of the amazing scenes that took place over 100 years ago. We hope you enjoy the two examples below...


Wesley's Christmas truce

It was Christmas morning. The frost nibbled away at my cheek. I pulled on my fingerless gloves. I made a hot mug of tea to keep my hands warm. Snow fell from the heavenly skies, it felt like Christmas. There was an eerie silence. I wondered why so I took a peek over the top of our trench. In the distance,  barbed wire snaked its way across No Man's Land with its razor sharp points clasping together. Snow lay scattered across the uneven ground. I stepped back down into our trench. Suddenly a soft melody floated towards the trench. We started to sing back, While shepherds watch...


Olivia's Christmas truce

A crimson winter sun rose over the horizon. Snow and fog fell and blanketed the earth. It was December 25th. Christmas. I made a warm mug of British tea for my fellow recruits and with it came a hug of hope. Spruce trees were placed at the edge of the trenches. I peered over the top to see barbed wire like tinsel. Calmly perched on top, a Christmas robin reminded me of festive periods I used to celebrate. Waves of wind came through the trench and nibbled at my cheek. My flesh was frozen. There was an eerie silence but it was broken moments later...a tranquil performance of silent night. It was amazing! I thought we were here for war? The soothing sound of reciting carols was heart-warming. Then something even more amazing happened...


Djembe jamming

All of our weeks of practice have allowed us to put on a fabulous performance to the school and our parents. Watch our clips to show off our amazing drumming skills. Keep the beat all!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

'Life' comes to Newburn!

The Life centre ran an 'Astromaths' day for year 5 today. We launched rockets, calculating the best angle totravel the furthest. After lunch the class spent an hour inside a planetarium working out distances in light years and then finished the day by discovering which rocks came from outer space. Asteroids all had a much higher density than the terrestrial rocks. 

Come and See

A huge thank you to all of the parents who came to visit our Year 5 open morning. The children are always excited when their parents come into the classroom and the extra special option of showing off their drumming skills raised the excitement level up another notch. We hope to see you all again and show off some different subjects in January.

Black and White Adventure

Our new homework approach has gone down a storm. We have witnessed some phenomenal homeworks over the last two weeks. Thanks for all the assistance you are providing, your children appear to be loving baking Newcastle cakes, there are some budding poets and Newcastle United should think about hiring Newburn Manor Year 5 pupils to design next seasons home and away kit...we can't wait to see what we get next week.

A special mention for Lauren's fabulous black and white photo of the homework options is to take a trip into Newcastle and photograph places that really interest you...I'm sure you'll all be as impressed with what Lauren produced.

Feel the beat!

Our work with Franco and Steve is developing well. Having started with little or no experience of drums before they came in, we are now beginning to perform whole pieces. This week we started to incorporate call and response, choosing some class leaders in preparation for our whole school performance. Watch the short taster video below to get you ready for the big day...


Still image for this video

Space...the Final Frontier!

Thank you to all of the parents who visited school this week to watch our Year 5 assembly all about space and space exploration. We absolutely loved learning about the Solar System last half term and couldn't think of a better topic to share with all of our relatives. We opened with some background information about the Sun, the eight planets, the Earth's axis and constellations before moving on to the main event...the history of space exploration. Facts ranged from Icarus flying too close to the moon to the modern day information about the International Space Station. Every child was involved and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed putting it together and performing to you all. Here are a selection of photographs for those of you who couldn't make it to the main event...  

Let's not forget our 'Rocket Men'...

Still image for this video


This week we had the pleasure of inviting Mr. Cochrane into our classroom to discuss how to keep ourselves safe on the internet. He taught us not to share any personal information with anybody we don't know and that anything we put on the internet stays there forever...a digital footprint. We looked at medical studies that prove playing violent games has en effect on how aggressive a person becomes and that children are now known to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from playing games such as 'Call of Duty'. We know our pupils will now behave responsibly when visiting social media sites and in the games they chose to play.  


Code breakers!

Some of year 5 have been coming to a code club every Thursday; here is some of what we have done.

Newburn goes BANG!

So many amazing things to talk amazing super learning day. We started off with a fantastic science show from Technology Tom. Members of Year 5 helped him fire rockets using compressed air as well producing cola fountains by dropping mints into fizz pop. After break, Tom showed us how to build alarms so that we could protect Mrs Mcfadyen's special Head Teacher key from the evil plot set up by Mr Pickup and his blue followers. In the afternoon we built our own personal alarms and also foiled the attack on the key by Adam and Harley from Year 6.


Let's get drumming!

What an amazing week! Not only have we been on a trip around Newcastle but we have been introduced to the djembe drum by Franco from Newcastle Music Services. We were all mesmerised with his fabulous skills and we are hoping to be able to play a little like him over the next 6 weeks. In our first session we leaned about bass, tone and slaps as well as playing to the rhythm of 4 beats in a bar. We can't wait for next week and our final performance to the school at the end of our 6 week course.

Sights of the Toon!
Our black and white topic for this half term started with an amazing journey around the sights and sounds of Newcastle upon Tyne. We hired the sightseeing tour bus and enjoyed an open top bus tour of our very own city. Even though we all live in Newcastle, it was amazing to find out so many 'cool' facts about where we live and see parts of Newcastle we had never experienced before. We will be producing some persuasive writing about discovering Newcastle over the next couple of weeks and the trip has helped us think about all of the stunning features Newcastle has to offer. Enjoy our photographs of the trip as well as the famous sights and landmarks we got to see...
After a super summer break, we have returned refreshed and ready for the school year ahead. Our first topic is 'To Infinity and Beyond' where we will be journeying into the Solar System and maybe even a little further ... happy viewing!

I am the Moon

We have rounded off our space topic with some awesome poetry. Having studied four poems about the Moon, learning about metaphors and similes and taken part in boys v girls tongue twister chant offs, we have written our own poems choosing the style that we most enjoyed. Here are a few crackers for you to enjoy...


Joe's - I am the Moon

I am the Moon

I am an immense pearlescent orb sitting majestically upon the horizon,

I am the chrome-white sphere lying amongst the clouds in the celestial sky,

I am the eerie Halloween glow highlighting black silhouettes, 

I am the oval radiance piercing through the cotton wool clouds,

I am a vibrant lamp watching down on sleeping souls,

I am an ignited ball of copper guiding lonely ships at night, 

I am a dazzling distant brilliance sitting on a sofa of diamond-like stars,

I am a ball of cinder toffee coin with craters prehistoric footprints,

I am the Moon.


Lauren's - I am the Moon

I am a pearlescent orb illuminating the night sky,

I am a celestial heavenly marble floating across a duvet of stars,

I am a graceful swan orbiting the Earth,

I am a playground of prehistoric footprints,

I am a comforting friend guiding nocturnal animals,

I am a bejewelled diamond rising elegantly above candyfloss clouds,

I am a iridescent crescent of cheese casting silhouettes of vein-like trees,

I am an icy white ball shining proudly,

I am the light in the night peering at sleeping souls,

I am the mighty white sphere lying on the horizon. 


Dominika's - Our amazing Moon

The Moon, The Moon,

Rising elegantly above the delicate cotton wool clouds,

The Moon, The Moon,

An ice white sphere lying on a duvet of diamond-like stars,

The Moon, The Moon,

An eerie Halloween orb highlighting inky black silhouettes,

The Moon, The Moon,

The spooky silence filling the lunar atmosphere,

The Moon, The Moon,

An inquisitive rock illuminating the night sky,

The Moon, The Moon,

Like a silver ball guiding lost ships,

The Moon, The Moon,

Like a metallic gumball rattling around in outer space,

The Moon, The Moon,

What would we do without the Moon?


Dress me for space!

Thank you to all the parents who have helped their children with the space helmet and goggles homework this week. We have some absolutely fabulous finished items and they will be the envy of all the other classes as we display them in the KS2 corridor. Year 5 look ready to blast off!

Under a moonlit sky

Year 5 have become excellent artists this term. Using a variety of images of the Moon, everyone chose their favourite before producing their own representation. We used a number of different techniques including sketching, artist pastels, oil pastels and paint. We had tremendous fun creating our very own Moon masterpieces as you can see from our happy smiley faces. I hope you agree that the finished pieces were fantastic.

Mechanical solar system

In science, we have been learning and understanding the orbits of the earth and Moon. As much as we wanted o take a school trip into outer space, a more practical aid was to build our very  own Earth, Sun and Moon orreries. Mr Vyle has helped us to understand the length of a year and the lunar cycle using our superb models.

This is not Earth

Having completed out first narrative writing topic, it has provided us with the opportunity to look back over the highlights of our independent writing. The children have focussed well and produced some very interesting and descriptive pieces of work. Below you will find examples of the opening, middle and conclusion of some of the children's work...


Billy's opening

My space shuttle descended until I finally landed on a foggy alien landscape just a little smaller than Earth. I pushed the escape button and took my first steps outside on the beautiful planet spotting ooze as black as coal. I admired the planet's sun.

I could smell smoke and then there was a thunderous BANG from a massive was quite a long way from me, there was lava as red as blood. There were colossal lily pad like islands and I could smell toxic like waste. Just then the whispering wind flew across my face as fast as lightning. In the distance the lava bubbled angrily. It was a very interesting world.

I could not believe I was experiencing this massive place. The sun was like Saturn. I was now beginning to be alarmed by my new surroundings. My heart was now beating fast as the volcano exploded again. I had never witnessed a volcanic eruption before.


Lauren's middle

Mum and Dad were busy preparing supper. Three elegant moons towered over the room illuminating the living quarters. Suddenly Mum explained that they were having to return to the Galactic 0175.

"I hate that tin can! It's a mess! You can't make me go back!" screamed Steven.

"Our crops are not thriving, our supplies are declining and we haven't been able to develop a cure for space flu" stated Mum.

Galactic 0175 was a living nightmare. "I will not go and you can't force me to go there" cried Steven.

That night, Steven grabbed some essential supplies and opening the steel door, ran away into the midnight wilderness.


Simmy's conclusion

Jesse rushed through the twisted valley, the stars her only friend. Despite the ride being exciting, she had a feeling what she was doing was wrong. Her parents would be worried sick. The moon was an elegant pearl illuminating the route to the cave. Shooting stars raced over her head. She was getting closer to the cave. The gnarled rocky hills were perched on the horizon and in the distance she could see her destination.

Jesse crouched into the cave. Snakes of diamond like water cascaded from the back of the cave. Fluorescent turquoise water provided some kind of light. The stone cold floor would have to be her bed for the night. The surface gently undulated in contrast to the rocky roof of the cave. Carefully, Jesse took the blanket out and wrapped herself up like a baby and placed her bag under her head. She fell asleep.

The magenta sun was soaring high in the sky. When Jesse woke up, the only thing she did was try to recall what had happened last night. Thoughts were flying around her head. How would Mum and Dad feel? Jesse noticed some strange flowers beside the cave. They had silk, mint green leaves that flew in the wind. Crimson elongated petals brushed against Jesse's blemished skin. All of a sudden, a tingling sensation was running through her hand. Then...the sores had gone. She had found the cure for space flu! Jesse quickly powered up her hover bike and raced back. This time it felt good to be going home.

3, 2, 1...Blast Off


In art, we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about colours that compliment each other. Using these skills, we took a line for journey around the Solar System. We hope you enjoy a few of our wonderfully colourful final pieces.