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Autumn term

Kenyan Necklaces


We have been looking at photographs to find out more about the beautiful, brightly coloured, traditional jewellery worn by the Kenyan people.  Afterwards, we decided to create our very own Kenyan style necklaces using paper plates.

The Great Exhibition of the North


We've only been back to school for a few days and we've already been on a school trip. 


Today we visited the Quayside to look at exhibits from the Great Exhibition of the North.  We arrived at the Sage first and watched a special animation called Bridges.  It was about a fisherman and his dog on a journey up the Tyne.  There were no words but there was music to go along with the story.  Afterwards we went upstairs and had to wear headphones.  Mrs Gill talked through a microphone and played us different pieces of music.  We had to create our own graphic score, using shapes and colour to draw what we thought of when we listened to the music.  Afterwards we watched the water fountains in the River Tyne and then headed to the Baltic.  We looked around the Baltic at some of the exhibits about the future of where we live.  We also got to see the Millennium Bridge turning to let a boat come through.  Mrs Gill was very impressed with our behaviour.  A great start to the year!

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