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Spring term

More Bridges

Today we were bridge building again.  Over the last few weeks we have experimented with paper to see how to make it stronger.  Today we built our final bridges out of paper and used all of the things we have been learning about.  We used different methods to make the bridges stronger and we had success!  In week 1, we only had a few successes.  This week every group's bridge was successful.  Well done Year 2!  They will be displayed in the classroom for everyone to see.  

Joining Without Tape or Glue 21/01/19

I was very happy to have the heater in the shed today as it allowed the children to go out and enjoy there time inventing. It was so toasty that we were able to take coats and hats off. Today we experimented with different ways to join materials. This time it was wood. The children experimented with nails, screws, saws and drills to make a variety of objects. I thought I was going to make a puppet but in the end it turned into a fidget spinner. I like the way the objects are able to evolve as they are being made allowing different techniques of joining to be explored.



Rachael, our school nurse, came to talk to us about the NSPCC 'PANTS' rule and how to keep ourselves safe.  We watched a great video about Pantosaurus.  If you'd like to find out more and watch the video at home, please visit the following NSPCC website link:



Lighting the Shed 14/01/19


Last week we noticed how dark it can get in the shed in the winter so using the skills that we learnt we thought it would be a good idea to make some lights. Our shed looks so pretty now the lights make a big difference. 


The children had to think carefully about how to join together the materials that they picked. After the experiments with tape last week the children thought hard about better ways to join materials together. We settled on glue, but then found that some glue is better at sticking some things whilst other glue is not. After a lot of effort the effect is great. I just need to cable the wires away and then the shed will be set up just right.

Our fantastic lights

Our fantastic lights 1
Our fantastic lights 2
Our fantastic lights 3

Building Bridges


Since Newcastle is well  known for its many bridges, and as part of this term's Our Area topic, we have today been exploring how to construct bridges using only paper and masking tape.  We worked in teams, each designing and building a bridge, then we tested all of the bridges to see if they could support the weight of a toy car.  Some of the sturdier bridges could do this successfully and we all learned a lot about how we could improve our designs.  We now look forward to revisiting this project again and further developing our ideas.

Invention Shed 07/01/19


A new group for the new year and what a lot of super new ideas everyone was having. Today we had sirens, decorations, wind chimes, telescopes and wands being made. Everyone experimented with different ways of joining things together. We found that tape isn't always the best solution. Jada wove things, Layton used wire to secure his decoration, whilst Jasmine experimented with nails. I look forward to the next 3 weeks.