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Smelly Adventures

This week we set out on an adventure! The wild garlic is just starting to come out, the fresh shoots make great garlic bread or a sauce for pasta. Unfortunately the good stuff was over the river which was full of water after all the snow melting. We went off to discover a way across. We found a secret path over the fallen log but there was still a stream to cross. We tried to make a rope bridge but no one wanted to get wet feet. We found a huge log that the children worked hard to put across the stream, it reached the whole way. We then used the rope to help keep balance. We then found lots and lots of wild garlic. Miss Mason said she would have a go at making some garlic sauce if she has some time this week.

On the way back across the stream we found some fantastic Jelly Ear fungus. I thought it looked like the B.F.G.'s ears.

Just time for a biscuit and some hot chocolate for those who wanted it before home time.