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Lexia Logins


Your child's user name in reception and year 1 should be their first name and first letter of their surname i.e. Alison Brown = alisonb. The password is read.


User names for Years 2 to 6 should be the first letter of their forename and their surname i.e. Alison Brown = abrown. The password is read.


The letter below shows you step by step how to log in. Any problems please call into the office to see Mrs Hogarth.

Some parents have reported problems with downloading the Lexia app. It can be downloaded on all PC's, laptops and I-Pads, however most tablets and all I-phones / mobile phones are not able to support this app. Please see the form below for more info.
Children's Questionnaire Results March 2017
Parent Questionnaire Results October 2016