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Summer term

World War Two


We are enjoying all things WW2 in year four at the moment.  As always, the children are so engaged and asking really interesting questions. We have explored the terrible treatment of Jewish people, by researching the short life of Anne Frank, the class wrote emotional letters to Anne in Auschwitz sending her messages of hope and love.  We are reading 'Friend or Foe' by Michael Morpurgo, the moving novel about two little boys who are evacuated from their London homes to live in the countryside, the children are fascinated to learn about evacuation and how difficult life was for people during the war.  As the topic progresses we will research; life as a soldier, the blitz and rationing, as well as an exciting trip to look forward to (letters will be sent out shortly with details).


This afternoon we enjoyed producing some art work, we looked at some art depicting the Blitz and tried to recreate it for our class display.  Here are some photos of the children experimenting with paint to create a fire effect.

20 Day Fitness Challenge


Year foud have completed their '20-day fitness challenge' this week with the very talented Mr Churchward, of 'Jon Churchward School of Teakwon-do'.  All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the training and are now able to do; press ups, leg raises, squat thrusts and double punches. Mr Churchward really enjoyed working with year four, and he made them all promise to carry on with their fitness throughout their lives, he really instilled in them the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The course was difficult and by day 20 there was lots of aching muscles, but as Mr Churchward told the children "pain is weakness leaving the body!" They all seemed really inspired by him, especially when we watched a video of him performing at the world championships, breaking a breeze-block with his bare feet.