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Autumn term

Week 2 Term 1a

This week we won the attendance award for Key Stage 1! That means that nearly everybody in our class came to school every day, getting us to 99% attendance.  Well done Reception.

Picture 1
We made mini pizzas this week, thinking carefully about the sequence of the process so that we could order some pictures the next day, the children worked hard to talk about and write instructions for pizza making.  They also really enjoyed eating them.

Week 1 Term 1a

Reception have had a busy first week settling in, getting to know each other, exploring our resources and areas, learning to share and becoming more independent.

Picture 1 Numicon
Picture 2 Making table
Picture 3 Mud kitchen
Picture 4 Water play
Picture 5 Sand monsters
Picture 6 Making table
Picture 7 Mud kitchen
Picture 8 Filling and pouring carefully
Picture 9 Large white board
Picture 10 Outside small world
Picture 11 Duplo blocks
Picture 12 Soring animals in the farm
Picture 13 Tyre rolling
Picture 14 Working together