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Spring term

A Winter's Walk


At the beginning of our third week, we decided to make the most of the frosty weather and go outside to explore and observe. It was FREEZING! Mrs Merrix asked us to look at the features of the frost and we looked closely at what it looked like against different surfaces. Check back here next week to see some of our brilliant descriptions!

Built to Last


As part of a new initiative in school, Year 5 have been asked to take part in the 'Built to Last' project which will see members of our class working with people in the community, with dementia, to create something for our school. We had some training this week to help us understand what dementia is and how to be great friends with people who have it.

Pop Art


After our 'Art Week' last year, we were so keen to learn more about Pop Art. Year 5 have begun to explore some of the key artists and their works and are looking forward to using items from popular culture in 2019 to create pieces of their own.

Finding Area


We have loved finding the area of composite rectilinear shapes recently. Mrs Merrix taped them to our tables so we could use our knowledge to find areas of a variety of shapes.

Back with a Bang!


Our first week back was amazing! The best part of our week was being treated to a visit to the pantomime at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle - Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We were so sensible when moving through public areas and even had members of the public congratulate us on our impeccable behaviour. Well done Year 5!